Australian Idol 2007 Winner, Natalie Gauci

The 2007 Australian Idol contest is over for another year and Natalie Gauci has beaten Matt Corby for the Australian Idol title for 2007.

I’m pleased that Natalie Gauci and Matt Corby made it through to the final. While neither of them have had a completely smooth ride through the competition, they persevered and took on the criticism of the judges where they could to improve their performances. More than that though, they continued to improve each week – which is a key to remaining in the competition as can be seen by Carl Riseley.

Matt Corby is an incredibly gifted young man, however I don’t think he is ready to take on what would be thrust upon him just yet. While I fully expect that he’ll get a recording contact with someone, whatever time lapses between now and then will be time well spent. Contrast that against Natalie Gauci and she has taken pretty much constant criticism and has risen above it at every step of the way. It takes a certain amount of maturity to be able to wear that level of criticism week in and week out and not let it effect you.

From what we’ve been told and seen so far, Natalie Gauci is a talented song writer. I hope that with her new found success via Australian Idol that she’ll be putting that onto the Australian airwaves sooner rather than later.