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Best Yo-Yo Tricks

I’ve seen some pretty impressive yo-yo skills over the years but this is a whole new level of skill. I love that he can perform tricks at different speeds, different lengths of string and even different speed and length on each yo-yo at the same time.

World Rally Car – Ultimate Specification & Video – What WRC Should Be Running

World Rally Championship is an amazing motorsport series held around the world in some of the most exotic destinations.

Since 2011, the WRC car specifications are a 1.6L, direct injected turbo charged engine with a maximum pressure of 2.5 bar through a 33mm air inlet, which limits power to about 230kW and 430Nm with a minimum weight of 1350kg . In this configuration, World Rally Cars are very, very fast as can be evidenced by the video below.

Recently I watched a video on The Smoking Tire which showcased a young New Zealand rally car driver named Alex Kelsey who has manufactured his own WRC inspired rally car, yes you read that correctly – he built himself a world rally car.

Unlike a World Rally Car, Alex’s creation didn’t have those same limitations – so he is packing a naturally aspirated 3.5L V6 from a Formula Renault that produces 335kW (450hp) and his car is more than 200kg lighter than a WRC specification vehicle. It hauls arse, 0-100kph in 2.6s and 0-200kph in 7.0s flat.

I love the sound of it, it screams like an angry banshee and would make WRC even more of an awesome spectator sport – like when F1 still ran V10 and V12 engines!

Does This Cyclist Have The Best Balance In The World?

In the past I’ve posted what I thought were some incredible videos like Danny MacAskill doing what seems to be impossible on a mountain bike. Today I came across a video of a woman doing what I guess you’d call bicycle dancing – akin to ice dancing. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone display more agility and balance before in any activity, let alone something as dynamic and fluid as the impressive display she puts on.

Backwards Bicycle – Unlearning A ‘Simple’ Skill

Learning to ride a bicycle takes a bit of time when you’re little but once you get the basics, your skills on the bike progress really quickly. In the video a friend of the presenter (Destin, who has a great website and YouTube channel named Smarter Every Day) makes a bike where turning left, actually turns the wheel to the right. I initially thought to myself, that’d be hard but I’m sure I could handle that with a little practice. Watch the video to find out how long it took Destin to unlearn how to ride a traditional bike and how fast his son was able to do it!