Bobby Flynn Voted Off Australian Idol 2006

Bobby Flynn, what’s there to say – he is the most unique individual to ever grace the Australian Idol stage. From the first audition at the very start of Australian Idol, Bobby Flynn caught my attention – he was just so different to all the other contestants. There were lots of talented people that were going through the audition process, however most of them were just a newer version of someone that had been there before. Bobby Flynn, he hadn’t been there, nor had someone been on the show before him that was even a little bit similar – he was a diamond in the rough.

Bobby has received much praise throughout the entire Australian Idol show this year, having the judges constantly amazed by his unexpected and unique performances. They’ve told him that they don’t know what he is doing but to just keep on doing it and what ever he does, absolutely don’t change. This is Australian Idol though, heaven forbid that a truly unique artist make it through to the end of the show. Tonight Bobby Flynn was voted out of Australian Idol, up against Lisa and Ricky. I still don’t know how Ricky is in the show, as far as I’m concerned he is being voted through by the teenie-boppers who are never going to buy an album from the contestants.

I thought it was shocking when Lavina Williams was voted, this is appalling. Thankfully, Andrew G voiced his opinion and Bobby Flynn is going to perform on the original content show on Tuesday night. I have no idea what he is going to perform but I know that its going to be amazing and the audience are going to be behind him all the way.

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  1. It’s great that you support the talent of Australian Idol Al, but why wait till your favorites are voted out of the running. How about featuring your “picks of the bunch” to lend some support along the way.
    If you could give one or two contestants a boost equivalent to the torrent of replies you have had since your first post on Aust Idol (Australian Idol Winner: Kate DeAraugo Vs Emily Williams) you might get them through ;)

    I Want To Marry Him!
    Bobby Im Your Official Stalker!
    See You Later Hunny.

  3. Yello Sideshow Bobbyy!!!
    im glad u have true friends cos the candle that once flickered with fame is like a passing blimp in the sky.. u are a crumpet of excitment n u bring pretty butterflies to my door..
    get bac to me bobby


    Bobby is captivating, moving, and the sounds he makes come from his soul… I love his big hair, big heart and haunting voice… I have already been to JB Hi-Fi asking if there’s a CD available yet… I will definitely buy as soon as one comes out. I simply want more of Bobby Flynn – and as soon as he can make it possible.


  5. I just love Bobby. I already have one of is CDs. I’ve downloaded all his songs that he performed on Idol and listen to it every day on my Ipod. Even my children, age 10 and 13 sing along in the car when I play his CD. That goes to show, what am impact his music has. I’ll be there lined up, as soon as he releases is first creation. BOBBY’S THE BEST.


  6. Yeh! I have to agree with everyone, he is so (sigh) captivating. He’s like a reincarnation of someone can’t put my finger on it. But he reminds me of Jimi Hendrix, Van Morrison ect… When I hear him sing the sound of his voice, it takes me somewhere so tripped out anyone would think I were on hard drugs!!!

  7. hey
    my friend at school says that bobby flynn is her half brother…i doint beleive this even though there is a resembalence between the 2….her name is steph….is this bobby’s sister by another father???


  8. I hate the show, but thought Bobby was the best musician, singer I’ve seen or heard in a long time, can’t wait till this bloke puts out an album. He was too good for the show!

  9. Bobby is THE most unique talent ever. I cannot believe that he got voted off! That sucked! I think Bobby Flynn should have won! I cannot believe that RICKY MUSKAT got further than him! That was shocking! I am keenly awaiting his CD to come out. And even better – he is 100% Brisbane Boy! GO BRISBANE!


  10. Bobby, you were way to good for that show , look at the talent left
    i am in my 40’s, hubby too, my son who is 22 hates the show but wants your cd ,he watch every week, when you were on, he dont no more and never before my lil daughter now 13 loves you , she hates the teenie bobba stuff the others carry on with,shes is a 13 year old that gets up and sings, eagle rock, stairway to heaven at kareoke night as a ten year old, the point been you apeal to all ages , you have a rare talent, you are a real artist, by your words in your songs you are a gentle soul we are proud and honoured to have you as one of australia’s own sons. you will do us proud.

  11. i cried when bobby was voted off, cried tears of JOY !!! i cannot stand him, when ever he sings he does this stupid thing with his hand and it pisses me off, and dont talk bout ricky, at least he has looks 2 support him… bobby has nothing his just a freak and a loser and who ever likes him must b the same, they must be deaf and blind!

  12. BOBBY!!!!!! ur da bomb dude ur soooooo… awesome
    I wanted u 2 win:( oh well
    sorry i have 2 go lol cya

  13. He’s so bad.. what kind of anti-mainstream person would think that he’s honestly unique when there’s many people just like him out there everywhere, they just cant sing. To put him in this poor singing category probably isn’t called for, but he was much closer to it than anyone else on the show.

  14. bobbby rules so much! he was so unique and wasnt like other singers b4 him. im not dissing all the other idols THEY ROCK (cept 4 some) and just 2 say I CANT BELEIVE LISA GOT VOTED OFF AFTER BOBBY! SHE SUCKS!
    Peace out!


  15. Does ANYONE know if he’s gonna bring out an album any time soon ive been waiting too long and i need a bobby fix ASAP

    Hes a GENIUS

  16. BOBBY – I revelled in your performances with your crazy hair and stage makeup in funked up 70’s suits. Each week I was captivated by the creative turns you weaved throughout lyrics I knew, adding surprising turns to what I thought were predictable songs. Not since the blessed early 80s, have we seen artist express such creative energy both lyrically and physically. You are an inspiration to other young artists and were the highlight of my Australian idol experience to date. The week you were voted out, I was overseas. I was devastated to hear the news as I had voted for you in the prior weeks. PLEASE PLEASE UPDATE US AS TO WHEN THERE WILL BE AN ALBUM & A TOUR. Avid fan!! x x

  17. I and many others that I know want moreof Bobby Flynn. When will a CD be put out? bet I’ll be the 1st the buy it.
    I’m not a teeny or so young for that matter, I’m not into the real pop but Bobby won me over and over again. Idols was great again but a huge disappointment swam over me when Bobby was taken out. What’s wrong with the viewers? Bring us more unique artists like Bobby and I also love Guy Sebastian. We need the uniques in the industry. 2005 Idols, I switched off when another great artist was taken out, Dan England & swore I’d never watch the show again but when I saw Bobby I was hooked again. The show needs a fairer voting system!

  18. omg i love bobby flynn.
    he is my idol.
    can he be fanous already?
    hes on my myspace if you were wondering.
    i love you bobby.

  19. Bobby…

    I was hooked from the minute of his audition-
    Partly because he is a clone of my brother> but mostly because HE CAN INTERPRET ANYTHING, IN HIS OWN UNIQUE WAY! Congrats buddy! :)

    Waiting for the album, Leah

  20. Was sorry to see Bobby voted off- where is he now? as he was “original” not the “same idol-different face”. Appreciated a lot of the idols talent, but originality seems to go un-recognised. If Bobby’s has recorded any of his own stuff, would love top find out where I could get it.

  21. Bobby was so bad, he’s disgusting and makes you vomit when you hear him, it isn’t funny.
    He bloody shouldn’t have been in the top 12 in the first place, or even get past the auditions for that matter.
    I was so glad to see him go

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