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Christopher Bill – Trombone Mixing Super Star

Through the wonders of social sharing, I came across a talented trombone player named Christopher Bill. I’ve seen different people loop music together such as Reggie Watts but never anything as detailed as an instrument, where multiple samples are stitched together in a single uncut session. I’ve included a couple of his videos below but he has literally hundreds of trombone related videos on his YouTube channel – well worth checking out if you’re into this sort of thing!

Best Bucket Drumming You’ll Ever See

Meet Gordon, an Australian drummer who plays in several bands and busks at Pitt Street Mall in Sydney playing the drums on buckets. I’ve seen bucket drumming before, however never to this level. I’m impressed by how good the sound is coming out of a set of plastic buckets and the speed of the drumming in sections is incredible. Gordon has recently created a YouTube channel as well and it looks as though he is adding instructional videos to his channel about learning how to play the drums using nothing but drum sticks and some plastic buckets!

Blurred Lines vs Defined Lines

Robin Thicke is an American-Canadian musician who recently put out a very catchy song named Blurred Lines, which has been a massive success around the world and the official music videos (both censored & uncensored) have received over 200 million views on YouTube alone.

The content of the music video with either scantily clad (censored) or topless (uncensored) models dancing & prancing has unsurprisingly drawn criticism around different groups around the world.

As part of 40 comedy skits put together by Auckland University Law students for their annual Law Revue, one group of inspired students thought they’d do a feminist parody of Robin Thicke Blurred Lines, named Defined Lines. Since it is from a feminist point of view, the lyrics have been rewritten, reversed and the models are now scantily clad blokes. For those that are easily offended, the content and lyrics are a bit rude in places but it is really really well done – very creative!