Australian Idol Winner: Kate DeAraugo Vs Emily Williams

A new article about Australian Idol 2006 finalists Damien Leith & Jessica Mauboy is now available.

Tonight saw the culmination of the third Australian Idol. For the last three months, contestants have been battling and belting out their biggest and brightest notes, in an attempt progress through the aggressive selection progress to make it to the grand final at the Sydney Opera House. What happened tonight, is sure to have gob smacked a vast portion of the Australian public. In some strange twist, Kate DeAraugo managed to out vote Emily Williams to win the grand final.

Kate’s performance throughout Australian Idol has been quite good, however compared to other singers – her overall package and skills were lacking. She has progressed through the weeks, by giving good performances and relying on other singers delivering an ok performance. As the competition crept towards the business end, her weaknesses were starting to show. Week after week, Mark would criticise her for not letting go of her voice, not connecting with the music, not transcending. Yet through all the criticism, the public continued to vote for her.

In stark contrast, Emily Williams has been delivering high grade performances week after week. She has received the ultimate ‘good job’ stamp (read: Touchdown!) from Mark no less than three times in the last few weeks. They suggest that she do something, next week she comes out and delivers it bigger and better than they could have imagined. Kyle went as far to say, that he hasn’t heard someone sing Whitney Huston, that isn’t Whitney Huston and make it worth listening too – yet he gives complements like that to Emily.

I have to believe that Kate DeAraugo has won Australian Idol, not through her ability to sing, nor her ability to perform – but in her Barbie Doll like appearance. No sane person could honestly believe that Kate was a superior singer to Emily, yet Kate stands in utter disbelief that she has won. The organisers of Australian Idol, need to some how factor in who is voting – not just the raw number of votes. Assigning the same importance to a 12 year olds vote as to an adults isn’t fair to the performers, they are just being cheated.

One can only hope that Emily Williams soars to the top, just like her amazing voice.

475 thoughts on “Australian Idol Winner: Kate DeAraugo Vs Emily Williams

  1. go kate you are so tired. you don’t think sean’s points are valid, you don’t think gucci mama’s points are valid, hmm that leaves only YOUR points of view. well it seems like we all agree with you doesn’t it…NOT

    gucci mama comes across far more level headed than you AND sean. that response didn’t come out of the blue or need i ask again did you read the posts properly, more importantly his ignorant remarks

    like divastated said GET OOOOOOOOOVVVVEEEEER IT

  2. Aaaaand I’d hate to be you Go Kate. If you were even lucky enough to be my man you wouldn’t be under my thumb to begin with. Was I referring to myself when I made that last point? No I don’t think so but hey what the fuck, put some more words in my mouth. Oh that’s right you did…..I labelled Sean insane (even though you said it) and now it appears I discriminate against people with mental illness too which is quite ironic considering my uncle suffers from bipolar and my grandfather has dementia. What does my behaviour have to do with you anyway? Sweet fuck all. You don’t know me and you’re reading what you want to read so waassssuuuup? Just because I don’t know Sean doesn’t mean I can’t leave a reply or do I have to have your permission first? That’s a rhetorical question by the way. Laters to you and cheers to those who read the same shit I did.

  3. Hi there!
    Just wanted to say that Emily’s the best singer out!
    I so wish I could sing like her, my mum does too
    We all love you here in Toowoomba
    Go Emily!

  4. heyyy everyone
    i just want ot sayy GOOOOO EMILYY
    kate sorriii love but no EMILY IIZ DA BEST WHOOOO

  5. Milorad Ivovic or whatever the heck your name is – what a total tool! You obviously don’t have a musical bone in your body! To make such lame comments just proves that you are a total wanker. “Better fat than manly” – what the hell is that sort of remark??????? I’d love to see what you look like – bet you’re a real pin-up??!!!! Take the ear plugs out mate and listen you tosser…….

  6. GO KATE U YOUR THE BEST ALL THE LOVE YOUR LIL SIS TAEY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. kate is the best in my opinion but emily is just as good. have you even heard their girl group’the young divas’ songs like their hit single ‘this time i know it for real’ its the best. both ladies are pretty,smart,intelligent and both have great voices.

    how dare people say that kate’s family could afford more votes than emily’s. that is soooo simply UNTRUE!!!! obviously you dont have anything better to do in your so-called’precious time’ than sit at your computer and waste your time whinging over 2 faboulous singers.

    also how dare all those people who said kate was fat. obviously they’re either fat,ugly,anorexic or plain stuck-up snobs who think they’re all cool when they’re just a pack of no-hoper losers.

    to all those people that said that emily is ugly they’re either ugly,rich stuck-up snobs who think the world revolves around them or fat.

    i may only be 12 years old but i know you shouldn’t be racist or call people fat,ugly and ‘crappy singers’. for all you know you might think you’re a great singer because evry1 says you are, but have you ever thought that people could be afraid to tell you the truth because you’ll bully them in one way or another.

    and to all the guys that say kate is fat no wonder girls everywhere are starving themselves, even dying to be what you guys call’skinny and beautiful’. they basically starve themselves to dealth until something is done for them to get back to their normal eating habits.

    i thought australia wasn’t a racist country but boy am i wrong. its like on this website a ‘cronulla riots’ is happening over kate and emily.

  8. Kate rox da world!
    Had EMily got any thing out yet in record shops
    haven’t heard her, for yonkers!
    Kate is beautiful, pretty, smart and the best singer! I luv FADED!!!!!
    I h8 Emily shes a wanker
    Kate is sooooooo down tooo earth!
    Go K8 u derserved to win, u’re name is so much betta than plain old Emily Williams!
    Fucken ideot dat gal

  9. I think Emily rocked and Kate didn’t deserve the title of Australian Idol Emily had the voice and she loved singing and everything she did and really deserved it and surely the Australian public would realise that. GO EMILY U ROCK!

  10. I believe that Kate has a good voice but my favourite would have to be EMILY!! Emily because she is wonderful, has a strong, beautiful, voice with potential to do basically anything and sing basically anything to!!
    Emily is awsome with a voice that out classes everyone elses. Kate didn’t deserve to win Australian Idol because she didn’t suit the song!!! I just want to ask the Australian Public, WHAT THE F’n HELL ARE YOU THINKING OR DOING? honestly how can you reject a voice like Emily’s. And to all the record companies give her a deal. You’ll be amazed at how many people will be rushing into to store just to purchase a single!! Yes Kate won, but the winner in my eyes is the one and only EMILY.
    I just want to say Emily, that you have a lot of people just waiting for a single of yours to come out and when it does, the record companies will be amazed at how I was right.

  11. Wow!I stmbled on this site by chance tonight and started reading at about 111.00pm. It’s now 3.05am and I felt I had to reply myself. I did notice that the last post was on September 27, almost 3 weeks ago, but here’s my two cents worth anyway: Firstly, I can’t believe it’s almost a whole year since the first posting and it’s still going. As you can tell from my name I loved Anne and Dan. But I also loved Emily. I have never been a fan of Kate’s. But that is only because of my preference in music style. Not her colour, not her ethnicity and certainly not her size. I found it very sad to see so many posts attacking both girls talent, size, colour and looks and for the record I think Anne was prettier than both girls. Actually I think Dan was prettier than both girls too! But neither Kate nor Emily are ugly girls. And admittedly, my heart sank when they announced the winner. I knew though, before they read it out. I just knew Australia would choose Kate, for whatever reason they did. We all have our own tastes in music, in singers and actors ect… It doesn’t make either one of us wrong. Yet, sadly, reading posts on this site, there are a lot of bitter people out there. From both sides. Some of my fav posts are:142, 285, 296, 303, 355, 361, 370, 387. I was disappointed with two people. Diplomat, athough I agree with some of the points you made i noticed two things: You were wrong about the BMG deal for Emily and did not respond to the person you questioned or doubted, yet 2. You seemed to love to rattle off who you were. You praised yourself and put yourself up to be a talented, long time musician with the right to break down each of Emily’s performance’s as screechy. You seem to have felt the need to prove your right to debate on here. By continually going on about what qualifies you to give your opinion. As for the ‘screechy’ comments, perhaps your TV reception is on the blink! The other person whose posts I was really disgusted with was Bondy. Bondy, if you check this site out again, you have issues! Is it possible that your total disrespect and contempt for polynesians is a result of being abused by one? Therefore, causing you to stereotype the whole lot? I am Maori/ Irish by birth and heritage. I have lived in Melbourne for about 14 years. I have white australian friends and Indigenous friends, I have jewish friends, slovaks, greeks, italians we’re all a bunch of licorice allsorts! My daughter has mixed polynesian blood too. She, at 5years old and in prep found out what racism was. I am fair in complexion but my daughter is pretty chocolate. I have never once been subjected to racism. But to see my youngest baby go through it in her first month at school was heart breaking. It was an indigenous friend of mine that helped us through that period, having been through it herself. She encouraged me and my daughter and she even arranged for some elders to come and talk to the school assembly about racism and bullying because of colour. I hope readers understand that all the rubbish and filthy skid marks you left on this site were representative of yourself and not your people in general. Just as some of the violent ‘poly’s’ you mentioned were representative of themselves and not the whole culture. Polynesians are beautiful people. Like all races are. We all have bad eggs in our ranks. That is life. But you are one very btter, twisted individual who needs serious help. How dare you run Emily down they way you do. Did she steal your man or something? Because your comments reek of jealousy and a very ‘personal’ hatred toward her. More than the whole inala thing. And so what if her family went around inala trying to get votes for her, everyones families on idol would have been trying to get their loved ones vote’s.
    And lastly, I would like to say, I enjoyed so many comments and posts. Good on yous, to those of you who have been sticking up for your Samoan heritage, for your preferred idol – beit kate or emily and for putting out that what you believe in and good vibrations on top of it all.
    Pai rawe atu! Kia Kaha Emily, Arohatinonui na Anahera.

  12. haha…well done…whoop di doo!…this year jessica is gonna win!…yo, who eva said that shit about emily not deserving to be the idol because she has a kid or wat eva bullshyt!…well get your facts right because its the talent that counts not the sextastic bit okay!!!!…so cha chau n emily still rox!…malo suga!…alofa atu ia oe!…

    luff petal!

  13. Haven’t heard any at all from Kate, what’s going on? She’s cramped the rest of the ‘Real Diva’s Style!!!

  14. They’re both good, Idol doesn’t have too much to do with it, they will both be successful.

    BTW Sami you are ignorant, I’m not white and I consider myself Australian as I was born here, and my passport says that I am. Make that what you will.

  15. In addition, you have pissed me off because I was just about to say how fantastic I think Kate + Emily is, but now I can’t b/c I’m angry at you you stupid bitch.

    How dare you say that only white ppl can be Australian, WTF??

    I was proud to REPRESENT my COUNTRY (Australia, in case you forgot) in netball and hockey when my school team visited NZ for some serious matches.

    So get a life :)

    Btw I was glad Kate won, they both rock but I could relate to Kate’s personality slightly more. She is lovely.

  16. Perhaps I should just move to Canada then if I’m not welcome here? I have lived there before *sighs*

  17. Australia is not racist. Look at the two finalists this year, and maybe everyone should look back to the first year. Who won? The best singer, not the Aussie ocker (btw, wanted Guy to win but love Shannon too)

  18. I thought Shannon wasn’t all that good, in fact he couldn’t reach the various styles that Guy could.

    Its a pity Jessica didn’t win. I think the winner hasn’t a clue, imagine if they had a world idol. He’d definately get NO WHERE. Maybe do well in the UK but that’s just about it~!

  19. hey to all my friends…. some of them include chiyenne,kiara,jessie,maddison k,maddison g,jessie elliot and much much more……. yes it is me….gtg….luv ya lots guys….lol…. see ya at school tomoz

  20. Wow, 12 months later, another Idol, and I just stumble onto this thread.

    Looking back now at this past year and all this nonsense in this thread was uncalled for. Yes, we all had our favourites, I was voting Kate all the way, but Em was my second choice. I did think the votes would swing Em’s way, so I was totally pleased when Kates name was read out as the winner of Idol 05.
    With the Young Divas going great guns, Kate and Em have become best buddies and not rivals at all. Never will be, even as they release their respective solo stuff next year.

    Going through what they went through together last year – none of us could really know how close they have become.
    All I can hope now is that everyone who liked either Kate or Emily, is now enjoying, and supporting the Divas music, because it truely is better than I ever thought it would be. Kate is still my fave, probably always will, but I do love Emily too, and I hope you all feel the same way.

    Dedicated to the Divas, dediKATEd!

  21. At the end of the day you have 3 outstanding voices. Kate just doesn’t have the voice to reach the ultimate standards that the others have.

    Its such a pity that Emily should have won all the way. If the judges had their vote, Emily would’ve have 1. However good luck to all of them.

  22. I can’t believe that Damien won last year, yet another bloody underdog who sucked, except for the last 2 weeks of the competition.

  23. The uneducated, tone deaf, emotional enthusiast who wrote this opinion piece needs to open their eyes. Both Kate and Emily lacked any real talent. Furhermore, neither of these singers are asthetically pleasing enough to succeed. Sad, but true in today’s world.

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