You’re probably here because you want to get in contact with me. You can get in touch with me via:


I receive a lot of email, however I endeavor to respond to personal email promptly. If it isn’t a personal email, your mileage may vary greatly. I also hate spam with a vengeance, it wastes everyones time – so if you’re one of those people, I hope you die a thousand deaths.


I’m on a number of different social networks, however I actively use:

Instant Message

I don’t accept friend requests or chats from just anyone & you’ll require me to add you first. As such, if you were planning on just sending me a random chat request or friend request without any context, I’m afraid it’ll go nowhere. Make sure you tell me who you are or what you’d like to chat about in the request or I’ll dismiss it as spam.


If you need to send me something by post, get in contact with me first and I’ll let you know where to address it.