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Princess Is On A Holiday

A close up shot of a white Ragdoll cat's faceAfter months of discussion, procrastination, discussion, deliberation and more procrastination – Claire and I finally decided that we needed to find our beautiful ragdoll Princess a new home.

The decision has been really difficult to make as we love Princess a lot, she is positively gorgeous and has a fantastic nature. However, since Hugo arrived – she is no longer our baby. At the start it wasn’t quite so bad as Hugo was sleeping more, which meant there was more time to give Princess the affection that she craves. Unfortunately as Hugo has grown up, we’re left with less and less time and we’re honestly not giving her the attention that she deserves.

We were very reluctant to simply give her away – as we really wanted to know she was going to an excellent home – not just an okay one. I talked to some friends at work, to see if any wanted their first cat or optionally a second or third but that didn’t pan out. However, when Claire’s younger sister Lucy suggested that they’d love to have her – Claire and I thought it perfect. Perfect because Lucy & Michael already have a fancy pants Layanese and Lucy was in fact the person that gave Princess to Claire as a birthday present back in 2006!

White ragdoll cat sitting inside a paper bag, happily restingLucy & Michael were a little unsure how their Layanese named Boost would react to another cat in the house and we were a little nervous as well. To make sure things were going to work out, we packed up Princess’s gear for a night or two away as a test. As it turns out, neither of us had anything to worry about as Boost & Princess hit it off straight away. Initially there was a lot of sitting close to one another, looking each other dead into the eyes and then the rampant playing started – which is a sure fire way to know Princess is relaxed and happy.

We’re really sad to not have Princess in our lives on a daily basis, Claire and I are constantly expecting to hear her distinctive little ‘burr’ sound around the house. Fortunately, she isn’t far away and we know that she is in a fantastic environment with people that love cats as much as Claire and I do.

Tracking Outdoor Pet Movements

Ever wondered where you pet might go while outside, does he just laze about the house or does he prowl the neighbourhood. Apparently that question was just too much for Mr Lee, so he developed a set of utilities to solve that problem:

  • CatTrack: Affix a small GPS logging device to your favourite pet and when they return home for the night – you can download the GPS data and view the path/route within Google Maps.
  • CatCam: Affix a small camera to your favourite pet and actually see where they are. For those that don’t deal well with maps, you know who you are.
  • CatCam Live: Affix a small camera and wifi equipment to your animal to stream their pictures live, no more waiting for your animal to return home to download the pictures taken during the day.

Ragdoll Rest & Relaxation

White ragdoll cat sitting inside a paper bag, happily restingI’m not sure if it is unique to our ragdoll Princess or all ragdoll cats, however our one in particular will rest and or sleep in very strange places.

One specific fetish that Princess has revolves around sitting on or in a bag, of any description. Claire and I could be in any room in the house, where there are ample places for kitty to sit but if we put a bag down (plastic, paper, luggage, ..) – she will without a shadow of a doubt choose to sit on or in it instead, regardless of how comfortable it may or may not be.

Expect more super cute kitty photos to follow.

Like Father, Like Daughter?

White ragdoll cat sleeping on its back spread eagleI was recently laying down on the carpet stretching and massaging my back muscles with the use of a Bak Ball and Princess thought she would keep me company.

As I have mentioned previously, Princess isn’t all that normal in the laying down department, so instead of just sitting near me like a normal cat – she laid on her back.

I didn’t notice her there at first and then Claire pointed it out – it does make a funny photo.