Kitty Strikes Again

Princess has found a new play friend, the friendly gecko. In the last four months, our happy go lucky ragdoll has chanced upon more than one gecko and each time it has been an exciting adventure. Of course, Princess is horrified that the tiny gecko won’t come down from the roof or low enough on the walls for them to play together. In an attempt to will the gecko down, she feels that meowing at it will help; strangely enough – it hasn’t seemed to just yet.

With all of the excitement of chasing a gecko around, the kitty generally seems to forget about all normal cautionary things and is in strict play mode. During play mode, Princess will go after virtually anything, at all virtually any cost – even if it means that it’d put herself in harms way. In her latest adventures with the gecko, while barreling around the house – she has managed to hammer yet another piece of computer equipment; this time it was my ADSL modem. After thumping into my poor unsuspecting modem, she managed to hit the power supply hard enough to knock it out of the wall – no more internet for me!

Who wouldn’t like a cute fluffy kitty for a pet?