Australian Idol Winner: Damien Leith Vs Jessica Mauboy

Tonight the finale of the fourth season of Australian Idol was held. For the last few months, contestants from all over Australia have been performing against one another to win Australia’s vote in the hope that they will be crowned the winner of Australian Idol 2006.

This year, Australian Idol travelled much farther across the Australian countryside to find the contestants. Without a doubt, the group that made it through to the final 24 for the 2006 season of Australia Idol were of a higher standard across the board compared to previous years. The most unique find in the history of Australian Idol would have to go to Bobby Flynn, who delivered some simply mesmerizing performances throughout the contest.

At the beginning of the competition, everyone was amazed to see Damien Leith perform with his extensive range and astounding falsetto. Throughout the competition this year, Damien has given some truly unique performances which include:

  • Leonard Cohen, Hallelujah
  • Giacomo Puccini, Nessun Dorma
  • Roy Orbison, Crying
  • Radiohead, Creep

Not to be short-changed, Jessica Mauboy has come such a long way. After being discovered in the Northern Territory this year and at only 16 years of age, Jessica has one of the most superb voices Australia has produced. From memory, Marcia Hines said whilst talking to her diva daughter Deni that they thought Jessica had the most natural and complete voice they had heard in a very long time. During her time on Australian Idol, Jessica has also delivered some fantastic performances:

  • Chistina Aguilera, Beautiful
  • Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston, When You Believe
  • Alicia Keys, Karma
  • Christina Aguilera, Impossible

This year, I am truly happy that Damien Leith and Jessica Mauboy made it into to the final two. Both performers are exceptional and I would have been as equally pleased to see either of them win. I am even more pleased to hear the Andrew G and James Mathison quietly announce that they won’t be rushing an album out for the winner this year, it’ll take time but it’ll be a full and complete album worth buying. That is great news as I always think it is just Sony BMG cashing in on the event by putting an album to market a fortnight after the competition as ended.

What are your thoughts on the two finalists and the eventual winner of Australian Idol 2006?

24 thoughts on “Australian Idol Winner: Damien Leith Vs Jessica Mauboy

  1. i so wanted damien to win. his voice and presence in his singing is supreme. the most angelic voice i have ever heard. can’t wait for his album!

  2. Damien wont be around much longer. His song is so dull and boring. I’m not saying Jess did a good version of that track either but that song is soooo SHIT! GO JESS!!! I haven’t heard anything of Jess getting a record deal.


  4. GO DAMEO!

    LUV U!






  5. now you guys are so used to listening to the pop, R&B. jess is that style…. damian is one of a kind and should be heard and deserved to win


  6. Damien rules and he definetly deserved…….he is the kindest person and has a GREAT voice!!!!!!!!

  7. Hi there,

    Can you give me the top five in your latest Idols competition? I believe that one of our cousins was in the top five, but I would like to confirm.

    Thank you,
    Sonja Geyer

  8. Sonja,

    The top five contestants for Australian Idol 2006 in final placing order were:

    1. Damien Leith
    2. Jessica Mauboy
    3. Dean Geyer
    4. Chris Murphy
    5. Ricky Muscat

    If it helps to clarify, Dean was born on the 20th March 1986 in Johannesburg, South Africa.


  9. I was a Jessica fan, but am pleased for Damien to have won as he was my 2nd favourite………..and am so happy that my 2 faves made the final this year. Damien winning ruined the freaky middle person in the group photo wins theory though :-)

  10. I loved this year’s Idol competition – both finalists were superb in their own way. My daughter gave me Damien’s first album and viewing the DVD was the highlight of Christmas Day. Puccini’s piece was absolutely beautiful. I do hope Damien goes on to achieve great things.

  11. I am so glad Damien Won. I think he is going to go along way. I think the age difference also makes a big difference, for you saw what happened
    to Cassie Donovan. I think Jessicia was great, but they are too young to keep going.

  12. I am sure Damien will go a long way…..but I think Jessica will be more successful in the long run…….runners up are usually more successful than winners anyway

  13. I honestly cannot believe this guy won! I’ve heard rats being skinned alive sing better. Damo won’t go far except for here and the uk.

    If there was a world idol, Damo wouldn’t match up to world class standard.

    Jess defiately should have 1.

  14. Seriously, when will Australia ever get it right?
    They need to stop being influenced by the judges’ favouritism/criticisms.
    Damien winning has totally destroyed idol’s reputation, and who’s to say Ireland wasn’t involved in this?

  15. I am sure they can’t vote from overseas, but it is possible some very rich person in Ireland came out to Australia so they could vote a million times……..but I have not heard anything of such happening, but IMO, it is possible, could be a similar sort of thing as Kate Dearaugo’s win

  16. Far out, he should not have been allowed to win, he was not an Australian citizen at the time of winning, although he is now.
    That kind of defeats the name of the show, the Australian public is too narrow minded

  17. Reading all these comments makes me laugh about how Jessica will do marketably better then Damien. Well, its about 5 months later and lets see the results of who actually “did better”.

    First up, Damien Leith –

    Winners Journey Album
    5x platinum, #1 for 5 weeks

    Night Of My Life Single
    Platinum, #1 for 4 weeks, #8 in Ireland

    And now Jessica Mauboy –

    The Journey Album
    Gold, highest it went to was #4, already lower on the charts then Damien’s even though Damiens has been there 15 weeks more.

    Beautiful Single
    Not applicable, didn’t make the charts.

    Oh god, its so hilarious to watch when people are wrong. All I can say is in your face :)

  18. jessic mauboy is so koolwheel she is rachel zammit cousin and i love her.and i want her to come to my school at dripstone high school in darwin.and i wuold to buy all of her stuff.and i wish she won australian idol.damien leith suck and i wish that he was int in the comaretishin. ps and jessica can you plase white back to me if you got time LOVE RACHEL YOURE COUZIN RACHEL. my email is in small leters but there no spaceis rachel.horses @

  19. too all the guys here that can do nothing but put down jess or damien need to get a life… im family with one of them… and all i can say is, that jess did not make a single of beautiful, so how can it go anywhere, She is doing sooo well for some one so young… handling all the pressure well…. making her own album… so kind and polite to everyone… And Damien a very nice guy… doing well with his music… loving father and husband to his family…. the both of them doing there best in the industry.. people that have no chance of making it where they have, cant do anything but drag them down…


  20. This place is hilarious!!!!! Do any of you guys know how to spell?????? So much for Radio School. LOL. LOL. LOL .

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