Australian Idol 2007, Completely Uninspiring

I’m a bit of an Australian Idol fan, have been since the show started. I started out watching the 2007 installment of Australian Idol expecting to see another batch of up and coming Australian musicians however it all started to go south when the judges had to start culling the top 100 down.

Out of the bunch that made it through to the top 24, only a handful of them honestly earned their position for Australian Idol 2007. Lets take a look at a handful of people that were put through to the top 24, just for the sake of discussion:

Husny Thalib
Fantastically unique, looks great on camera and with a pretty reasonable voice – however I honestly don’t think he could sell records.
Lana Krost
Pretty as a picture, quite good vocal range but just doesn’t have the power or ummphh in her voice at the moment to punch out a tough song.
Dave Andrews
Reasonable voice but generally boring to listen to on stage.

The other thing that has been absolutely infuriating for the 2007 season of Australian Idol has been song choice. The judges harp on about it every year, however this year has to be the worst year in the history of Australian Idol. The Australian Idol contestants have been selecting songs, some of which people recognise, some which no one will realise – all the while, abandoning the tried and true songs that every Australian would recognise and show support for. I think the contestants in 2007 have honestly forgotten that they need to sing songs which appeal to the mass populous most of the time, as most people have the musical vocabulary of a gnat. I’m by no means saying that they should sing all mainstream songs, as they were originally performed – however if they sing an unknown song and put their own spin on it as well – how can they honestly expect the public to vote for them.

The bottom line of it is, for the first time in a long time I was more than happy to watch another TV show last night after an absolutely lack luster performance on the rock & roll night. Out of the contestants, only one of the contestants sang a true rock song – it was an AC/DC classic and while the performance probably needed a little work – at least it was rock and it was delivered like a rock song should be.

If the general quality of the performances doesn’t improve next week and the uninspiring crap continues, I’ll be switching off Australian Idol and embracing some other form of entertainment on a Sunday night.

One thought on “Australian Idol 2007, Completely Uninspiring

  1. I agree Al.
    Just not entertaining, and the contestants just don’t even look like offering something interesting.

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