Australian Idol 2007

After nine months, the 2007 series of Australian Idol began again tonight. Australian Idol 2007 should be quite interesting, as not only are the judges from last year back – Ian “Dicko” Dickson is back after a couple years on hiatus. Having the three blokes on the judges panel is going to pretty funny this year, the opening show suggests that anyone that is there without the appropriate levels of talent are going to experience a true baptism by fire.

Initial comments from the judges suggested that they felt that the changes they made to the Australian Idol competition last year (increasing the maximum age, allowing instruments) and the breadth of talent that came through as a result was but the tip of the iceberg and that the Australian public should expect all of that and more. If that is indeed the case, I look forward to them revealing a contestant that might rival the uniqueness of Bobby Flynn.