Ricky Muscat, You’re Not The Australian Idol

Ricky Muscat is out of Australian Idol 2006 and it couldn’t have come a moment too soon. In fact, I’d go as far to say that it was a mistake from everyone involved that he managed to make it into the final 12 contestants.

As I’ve pointed out previously, I don’t like Ricky Muscat as a performer. I didn’t like him at the start, I didn’t like him in the middle and I sure didn’t like him towards the end. Each time Ricky performed, all I heard was the same stuff each week. It didn’t seem to matter what genre he sang, I never connected with it – which is a shame as I’d consider that a pretty big part of a lot of music.

It would seem to me that the judges are putting contestants through to a certain stage based on merit; which is fair. Unfortunately, as soon as the voting begins – Australian Idol becomes a popularity contest rather than a singing contest. Now don’t get me wrong, being popular is part of being a successful musician as without the popularity, you won’t sell anywhere near enough records. The problem is, often a contestants popularity isn’t based on their singing ability – its based on them being hot, sexy or cute.

I don’t have the silver bullet solution for the Australian Idol voting issues, however if the Australian Idol producers were serious about finding talented musicians and not fixated on making money; they would limit the number of votes a unique phone number can produce per voting session.

A vote is a vote, you shouldn’t be allowed to vote more than once as it just allows people to skew the statistics. Maybe it hasn’t occurred to them that you aren’t actually allowed to vote more than once in a federal election and that there is a reason for it?

16 thoughts on “Ricky Muscat, You’re Not The Australian Idol

  1. Ricky Muskat is L-A-M-E! The only reason why he made it so far was because all the GAYS were voting for him. BOBBY IS THE BEST EVER!

  2. Ricky Muscat had ALOT of potential and he is for the record NOT GAY! Dean was a complete joke with his “original songs” he had no talent what so ever. Its a shame that the judges were soo hard on him. He brang alot of flavour and you could see from the start he wanted to win idol more than ANYONE. Not for money making purposes but simply for the passion of singing. I hope to see Ricky in the near by future. On going fan of Rickys….
    signing out


  3. Hey ppl,

    I love Ricky. I think him and Dean should still be in now. Ricky is the kind of person who shows wat he feels and u cant find may guys that show that and he is a really really really really really really really really good singer. That is wat i think no one has to agree.

  4. Ricky is my hunni and he so sexi… hes got heaps of talent and i hope so much that i will see him very soon in the near future doing what he does best (singing)

    Love u heeps Ricky
    Mwah xx

  5. Ricky= p[athetic joke- he seriously reminds me of Bob Down, the plastic facial features and over dramatic “acting” all the time, doing all the poofy poses…it was a disgrace that something so crap could make it onto national tv.

    He ,at bes, was a wanna be close on Anthony from previous idols…only Anthony can sing.

    Ricky is, was and will always be a second class pile of crap. IM sure my local chuch and regurgitate better stuff then that…


  6. my babii ricky is beautiful, cute and gorgous guy. he is really talented and has the voice. i reckon dean should of went before him. just to make it clear to everyone that ricky is mine 4 eva. ricky is my idol and i wish him the best in the future and hope he continous what he lkoves best
    love u ricky

  7. i think ricky was really good and i think it’s really mean to write mean things about someone u don’t even know. ricky wasn’t even my fav and i still think it’s mean to talk about him like that

  8. OMG WAT IS UP WIT U PPL!?!? i met ricky at a shopping centre on wednesdaii the 6th dec.06 and he is such a down to earth kinda guy he had so much of talent and i was heart broken wen he left! Ricky is so bootiful and talented oh yea ndd hes NOT GAY! just cos hes hotter than the person hoo did this site duznt mean u have to b so jealous to make a site about it.

  9. UMM
    every1 is calling him gay, thats so mean! u don’t even know. seriously. and he’s tried so hard, his mum struggled 2 bring him up and he rlly wanted 2 win. good luck ricky! i hope u suceed in life becoz u deserve it!

    xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo u rock! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoox

  10. ricky muscat is THE BOMB and he rocks my world coz hes so damn sexxy and has a voice! hes like the anthony callea with a better body >

  11. I think it’s really sad that a lot of you think it’s okay to bag out other contestants.

    I was fortunate enough to hear Ricky Muscat perform live and his voice is like nothing i’ve ever heard before.

    I’ve seen so many bands/musicians perform live and none of them even come close to Ricky.

    His vocals are smooth, flawless even. For an untrained singer, his voice is absolutely heavnly.

    Ricky is extremely talented.

  12. geez; give this guy a break. he is a really good guy. and he is not gay and has heaps of talent.
    because i no him doesnt meanim just saying it

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