Lavina Williams Out Of Australian Idol 2006

In an amazing turn of events, Lavina Williams was voted out of Australian Idol 2006 tonight. Lavina Williams is the older sister of Emily Williams, who was the runner up in the 2005 series of Australian Idol. Lavina showcases, what is now a recognised high power singing style which took her older sister to the final two last year. Throughout the 2006 series of Australian Idol, Lavina has been a bright and shining star; delivering consistently high quality performances.

Lavina being voted out of Australian Idol tonight drives home, what I would consider an irrefutable fact; the voting strategy which the Australian Idol show implements is fatally flawed. If you look back through the years, there have been mistakes year after year:

  • 2005: Anne Robertson was voted out in the final six, when it should have been her and Emily Williams in the final.
  • 2004: Ricki-Lee Coulter was dropped in the final seven.

To prove the point a little more, in the 2004 series of Australian Idol the winner Casey Donovan struggled to sell a record. How is it that the ‘Australian Idol’ — someone who received millions of votes struggles to sell a single? Hang on, what if the voting system was broken. What if all the people voting aren’t the people that are going to actually buy the records and they are voting for other reasons? Stay with me here, what if a significant number of the votes for the Australian Idols are made up of 16 and under teenagers? Sure, they’ll spend $0.50c to send an SMS – I seriously doubt that they’d spend the $25 on the actual album though.

I’m disappointed to see Lavina Williams go out of the competition tonight, I think there were far more deserving contestants who should have had that fate.

14 thoughts on “Lavina Williams Out Of Australian Idol 2006

  1. I agree its disapointing that again australia got it wrong, Lavinia was clearly the better singer than the reamaining lot. Good luck Lavinia. We know that you’ll do well.

  2. Yes, I agree that the voting system and the people who are voting are flawed. But it’s NOT Australian TALENT it’s Australian Idol. Did you hear Marks comment? He said: “I think Australia has got it right”. The only good thing to come from that remark was Kyles reply: “They (Australia) haven’t got it right for the last two years!” In regard to the voting, someone raised the issue on the kate vs emily post page about maybe limiting the vote to one per household or per phone number.I think that is a good idea, because you would have a better concept of who people like. It would be way more even in terms of fairness ect… But that would not make money for the producers,telstra ect…

  3. honestly australia got no sense of who can sing and who can’t!!..i think becuz aussie is like full of white people,they don’t want someone brown to win it!!..yeah that’s it!!..that’s the reality of it!..and then the person they pick as their aussie idol!..totally sucks in the future,whether if lavina,anne,vicki lee got the idol!!..i swaer thier careers will make it around the world!!..peace to aussie that are full of it!!….biarchhhhhhhhhhhh

  4. Let’s not go there with the Australia got it wrong, ( even though the voting system clearly got it wrong!). Look what happened when Emily was voted out, alot of controversay though.

    I agree with no.3 comment with reference to Australia getting it wrong in the last 2 years!!

  5. For everyone voted off – there’s going to be Fans who called unfair – hearing Lavina & Emily Williams sing was like hearing a cat in the microwave … and who the hell is Anne Robertson ?? – face it , the real singers move on – the crap get kicked off..

  6. eww shadowprey hu do u fink u r??…dat was ure momma singing in da microwave m8….keep ure personal opinions 2 ureself freak….lavina and emz were all gud alrite n so was anne…so dea u dumd IDIDOT….who dus dis dik fink dey are!!!…M888888….JUST SHUT UP!

  7. Oh come on. People just got sick of being screamed at.

    As soon as the screaming banshee was voted off Jess stepped into the role of screaming melismatron. How dare that little unmusical upstart mess with and disrespect the melody written by Burt Bacharach?

    Lavina was cast as the queen hyena in Lion King. I believe that her being cast in that role is proof that she is a disciple of the method (method acting) and has been incapable or unwilling to stop howling like a queen hyena.

    Do any of these screaching yodellers know what R&B really is?

  8. Beatz, Casey Donovan is not white she won. I continually voted for her because she could actually sing the notes that are supposed to be sung.

    Bloody wiggers.

    By the way, some Aussies know who can spell and who can’t. Some of us also know how to punctuate a sentence and use the ‘shift’ key on a keyboard.

  9. Lavina should have got further than she did, she should have been in the top three replacing jess, but dean is HOT… he shouldnt have been voted off, he should have won!

  10. Shadow prey, if you don’t know who Anne Robinson is than don’t comment at all. If you had watched the last idol series 2005 you would have noticed she has a 1st class voice like Emily and Lavina. But obviously didn’t make it in the end.

    Trevor, Lavina does not what RnB is. She simply chose the wrong songs to sing. I don’t know why people comment how she sings like a hyena? She has a good voice, unlike the rest of the remaining contestants including the winner!

    Lavina comes from NZ where believe you me RnB is alot more happening than Australia. We get the latest grooves and sounz because Australia just lacks talent in this field. Which is why Emily, Lavina and Anne get the end flick. Because Australian’s are more proned to other types of music styles.

  11. we here ta tlk about lavina not how we spell anyways we all know lavina should have been at least top 3 or sumthing like dat well she is tha best i love her voice and she will go a long way in future

  12. wooooohhh i love lavina she’s tha BOMB she aint no hyena but she has tha voice and she will go along way in tha future but we all know she should have been in tha top 3 or something like dat but i love her so much and she did tha best she could all i got ta say is U GO GIRLFRIEND hahhaha lol

  13. Yeah! Lavina is da bomb! Shes so cool I dont even know why she went on Australian Idol! With her fame? She dont need anyone to tell her she can sing, she can sing! Cool for Em though! Ive met Lavina and Emily in New Zealand at Parachute! They are da shizzle man! You guys rock-love you both! God Bless L-Jay

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