Australian Idol 2006 Contestants: The Real Contenders

Following on from a suggestion by Andrew, below is my priority ranked view of the current crop of Australian Idol 2006 contestants.

Bobby Flynn

Bobby Flynn, there is so much to say about him; but he has to be one of the single most unique artists I’ve heard in a long time. I absolutely love his weird, eclectic singing style – its unpredictable and possibly raw. Whatever it is, I hope like hell he doesn’t change and one of the major labels picks him up and just encourages him to do his thing because its fresh, different, unique and awesome.

Lavina Williams

Lavina, what an incredible voice. I’d go as far to say that Lavina’s voice is of a higher quality than her older sisters. I think throughout the show, Lavina has delivered some amazing performances which show cases her amazing power and it is a damn shame she was voted out of Australian Idol so early.

Jessica Mauboy

Jessica has a fabulous voice with a great range, it seems effortless for her to deliver great vocals. I personally think she also have excellent enunciation when she sings as well; which isn’t always the case. After getting hit pretty hard by Kyle, she really bounced back and stepped up to the plate. I always seem to be reminding myself that she is so young, she’ll be an impressive force in the coming years.

Damien Leith

Damien has a smooth strong voice with an incredible falsetto. Damien’s falsetto is up there with the best of them; it certainly isn’t out of place in my eyes to list him beside someone like Darren Hayes and that in itself is an accomplishment. The great thing about Damien is that he doesn’t have to always sing high, he has a great mid-range voice as well, which since his high is so high, a superb range.

Chris Murphy

Chris has a great rock voice, its rough and definitely not pretty but the course tones match well when he digs in. I think he needs the support of Australia simply because we aren’t producing anywhere near enough rock artists anymore. Thankfully with the recent resurgence of Australian Rock via bands such as Jet; Chris won’t be alone if Australia lends him a little support.

Lisa Mitchell

Lisa is quite young but is already establishing her own unique singing style, I’d put it somewhere between a Missy Higgins and an Avril Lavigne. I like the fact that she is at home with her guitar and that really does suit her style of singing; which was evident by the constant criticism from Mark about her walking or strolling without purpose on the stage. I think in the years to come, it’d be nice to see Lisa Mitchell find her place in the Australian or great music scene.

Guy Mutton

Guy “Mutto” Mutton, quite a unique character. I thought he had something, I just don’t know what that something was. He delivered quite a few solid performances while he was on the show but I’m not confident that his singing style would be enough to sell records; which is the name of the game.

Klancie Keough

Klancie Keough had a great voice singing within her comfort zone, unfortunately for her Australian Idol demands that contestants sing various genre. Klancie by no means did a horrible job of singing outside of her preferred country style but her other performances weren’t quite as strong and in the end I think it caught up with her.

Dean Geyer

Dean has a pretty solid voice and has been fantastic throughout Australian Idol at actioning the judges criticism and comments each week. Unfortunately Dean doesn’t seem to have what it takes to make me pay attention when he is singing, he isn’t delivering anything to really catch my attention. At the moment, I would say he is being voted through by the teenybopper factor though in the future his delivery might change and I’d connect with his performances more.

Joseph Gatehau

Just didn’t do a thing for me at all, unfortunately I found it plain old boring.

Reigan Derry

Reigan didn’t really do a lot for me. I put Reigan into a similar category to Ricky Muscat, nice voice but I found her kind of boring to watch and listen to. In her case, I don’t think she brings anything to the table that hasn’t been done before; especially since she doesn’t have the versatility of some of the other performers.

Ricky Muscat

I personally find Ricky Muscat very boring to listen to; what frustrates me is that I don’t quite know why. He has a reasonable voice but I just find it uninteresting, I never seem to find any sort of connection with either what he is singing or his singing style. I’m surprised he has managed to get through this far in Australian Idol, though I think that can be attributed to the teenybopper factor.

12 thoughts on “Australian Idol 2006 Contestants: The Real Contenders

  1. Wow, you have absolutely described each contestant exactly as I see them. Although, I think I see a bit more in Dean Geyer than you might. I think he will be the next idol (if Jess or Damien fall a bit short). Dean is just a really solid performer – a star. Vocally he is actually a tad weak, but on every other level he epitomizes the word “Idol”.

  2. Ricky is the best !!!!
    He deserves to remain in Idol and I think he rocks.

    Go Ricky

    PS. I think you suck for rating Ricky last cos he is way better than tha rest.

  3. i think that jessie should win and ricky or dean should of come second and third… ricky you are gorgous and a great performer dont let anyone tell you different. good luck with your future.

  4. Im upset that lavina was voted off what is wrong with Australia. its just a repeat of kate and emily i just couldnt believe that kate had won over Emily whats up with that, Emily kicks ass on Kate i’m sorry but Kate is nothing special i think people are getting confused about what real talent is… anyway My thoughts are jessy or lavina first and the other second then ricky or dean third and forth. as for Damien he has a beutiful voice i believe he will go in a whole other direction in life some smart record company will pick him up for his amazing voice and talent and on the subject of damien being an ugly man well this is not true he is a sexy older man and his wife should count herself lucky to have him. Bobby is another one that should not have been voted off so early in the show especially with the likes of Lisa and Chris still around, Bobby even though he may come across as a bit weird this is what makes him talented, special and rare.. i still cant believe Chris is still on the show he needs to go back to singing in the pubs as that is where he belongs. and Lisa just became annoying after a while as she is only capable of singing the one type of song, therefore after a while found herself unable to depend on her put on innocent smile alone to get her through her bad performances. i personnally believe out of all of this years 2006 Australian idols the ones with the most talent are Jessy (i’m a Darwin girl like you and i am so proud of you your fantastic and i believe you will win this.)Lavina (your voise like your sisters is amazing i am a big fan of you and your sister good luck with your future),Damion (you have a beutiful voice and a beutiful nature you are a sexy man in your own right. Ricky and Dean (the both of you are just sooo hot and you both will make alot of money and go along way with your music and modelling career you both know how to entertain and you both have woman all over Australia who love the both of you maybe you should both team up and have a band together just a thought) and bobby ( as i said previously you have a rare and amazing talent and you are a rare and amazing person you will go along way…. you guys are the best congratulations for getting this far and good luck for your future your all amazing. Ps . Reigan,Mutto and Joseph i was sad to see you guys leave i thought that you guys brought different types of qualities to the show but anyhow dont give in you can make it to…cheers and good luck

  5. Dean Is Awsome and hot but it might get a tad anoying 4 him 2 b listening to milions of screaming girls all the time GIVE HIM A BREAK MAN! OH wel….. I still Luv ya dean and care 4 ya Luv your bigesest NON screaming fan Jazz.

  6. I was stunned when Lavina got voted off, her vocal range and ability to sing different types of music showed she was a performer. Of the lot remaining Jess is wonderful to listen too, she truly lights up the stage with that smile and voice of hers, good luck and go for it, you win for yourself and Lavina darling. Chris is my favourite male star, his raw voice makes it for me, but I would love him to sing a true rock ballad – most true rockers would have done so. Lisa irritated me, everytime she got into the bottom three and “just made it through” back to idols I felt there was a little smirk on her face. I am glad she is off. Damien, wonderful voice as well. Dean, mmmmmmm his looks will win him through. Ricky was one singer who listened and improved weekly and his Beatles song was nothing short of brilliant.. Good luck to the remaining singers.

  7. i think the show sucks it boaring and what can i say boaring i think it should be cut from tv so everyone shoulnt be so obssed.

  8. Maybe Michaela needs to learn to spell properly. And honey, what are you doing where if you’re not interested in Idol?

  9. learn to speak english please. some abbreviations are ok but people should still be able to understand what you are saying. surely you went to school so why not use what you learnt in english. please…

  10. Hey Jess. You have the most beautiful voice that I have ever heard. You are so beautiful and I really hope you win Oz Idol(I voted for you a million times.)

  11. I thought that the top 5 idols should have been…

    1. Damien
    2. Dean
    3. Bobby
    4. Jessie
    5. Ricky

    THEY ALL ROCKED! they all had completely different styles, i would just like 2 say DEAN U R HOT! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOX


    (i would just lyk 2 say that number 4 has been the most interesting yet, its they only one i watched from start 2 finish :) GO JAMES AND ANDREW! (u 2 are actaully my favourites :P ) peace out! )

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