Evie, 2 Months & Gorgeous

Evie being nursed by Judy LattimoreEvie has now been mixing it with Claire, Hugo & I for a whopping two months.

It is a strange feeling in a way, sometimes I think to myself it feels as though it was only yesterday that Claire and I were in at Pindara Private Hospital for the birth and other times, it seems as though it is nearly a distant memory already. Putting a little thought behind why that might be, I think the latter is because we’ve done it before – there isn’t that first time parent panic or uneasiness with everything you do.

During the last six weeks since Evie was 2 weeks old, a lot has happened as you can imagine. Probably the most significant departure from our ‘plan’ is that while Claire had every intention to breast feed Evie for the forseeable future – her body just didn’t want to play ball. Claire battled through a few bouts of mastitis and after the last one we decided to call it a day. While I understand why it’s disappointing for women & mothers, however it can actually be a good thing in the long run as now the men can lend a hand. I love feeding Evie and it lets me get close to her, in a similar way as breast feeding does for a mum – so I think that is great. The other obvious advantage is that we can share the load and it takes a whole lot of pressure off of Claire – she can leave the house without the kids now and that isn’t actually an issue – though I wish that’d happen more often than it does.

Date Weight Length Head Circ
18/5/2010 3.60Kg 49cm 33.5cm
21/5/2010 3.41Kg
3/6/2010 4.04Kg
2/7/2010 4.84Kg
14/7/2010 5.22Kg 57.5cm 37.3cm
21/7/2010 5.69Kg 58.5cm 38cm

When Hugo was born, Claire and I thought ourselves very lucky because it didn’t take long before we had Hugo in a little routine that worked well for him. Before we knew it, I was waking him up for a dream feed, putting him back to bed and we wouldn’t hear a peep out of him until around 7AM. We figured with such an excellent run with Hugo, what’d be the chances that we’d have that sort of fortune with Evie – well it turns out very likely. By about the 4 week marker, we began moving the feeds around to match the schedule in Save Our Sleep that we used with Hugo and badda-bing badda-boom, happy baby that sleeps through the night! There are a bunch of different baby books around and after seeing what can be accomplished by following a schedule, I couldn’t recommend it highly enough to a new parent – you’d be punishing yourself for no reason by not reading one.

More to come, stay tuned.

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  1. Home this afternoon after lots of travelling, North Queensland is huge in travelling times.

    Am reading the emails, nice to see the feature article and the photos.

    They both look all right eh!

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