Hugo, 4 Months & Fabulous

Hugo Lattimore, 4 months old after enjoying a bottleThe last two months have flashed by and I can hardly believe that the last time I wrote was in November when Hugo was two months old.

Hugo is now four months old and the last two months have been incredible to be apart of. Over that time, Claire and I have seen and heard Hugo develop his little voice from very simple sounds into giggles, belly laughs and squeals of delight and displeasure.

Today Hugo went to have the next round of his immunisation injections, which went really well. He wasn’t too fussed on the taste of an oral one but drank it anyway, gave a bit of a grizzle on the first needle and a solid squawk on the second. He’ll be a bit out of sorts for the next day or two but he breezed through the last set of them, so we see no reason why he won’t with this round as well.

One of the benefits of going into the doctor today was that he had all of his measurements taken again. I can confirm, without any shadow of a doubt, that Hugo isn’t fading away. Even though he doesn’t always drink the ‘recommended’ volume of formula per sitting – it isn’t affecting his growth! According to the growth charts, his head circumference is normal, length is in the 99th/100th percentile and his weight is 98th percentile. Below is an updated table of figures, carried over from my last post about Hugo:

Date Weight Length Head Circ
4/9/2008 3.84Kg 52.5cm 35cm
17/9/2008 4.01Kg
24/9/2008 4.14Kg
1/10/2008 4.41Kg
15/10/2008 5.34Kg 61cm 38cm
22/10/2008 5.64Kg
29/10/2008 6.13Kg
4/11/2008 64.5cm
12/11/2008 6.84Kg
26/11/2008 7.26Kg
10/12/2008 7.85Kg
06/01/2009 8.75Kg 70cm 42cm

In the last fortnight, Hugo has realised that he doesn’t have to stay in the position we place him in. He gets very excited when he is on his play mat, batting and kicking everything in reach. We’re regularly finding him wiggling his way up the play mat, at which point we need to bring him back down or he can’t swat any of his toys.

As a special present for us on his four month birthday, he managed to roll over onto his stomach – a feat he has been trying to accomplish for the last three weeks. Suffice to say, after watching him try and try to do it for so long – Claire and I were overjoyed when he finally made it over. Since Christmas, he has also realised that he can sit up – no balance yet but has the strength to sit up so long as he isn’t flat on his back. This new skill has been funny to watch Hugo manage, as he wants to sit up in the car seat and also while having a bottle – neither of which work very well.

We’re now really excited to see what is going to happen in the next month. I’m expecting he’ll master the rolling over maneuver and with a bit of luck will start to gain a beginnings of balance to hold himself upright unassisted.