Hugo The Brave

Hugo Lattimore, 20 months old
Yesterday we popped down to the medical centre at Helensvale to get the 18 month immunisation injections for Hugo.

Claire and I were incredibly impressed with Hugo, the nurse gave him his injection and he didn’t even bat an eye lid – no tears, no thrashing around, just a beautifully well behaved brave boy. In fact, he was more interested in the tiny bandaid the nurse wanted to put on the injection point, than the fact he’d just had an injection.

While we were there, Hugo was also officially measured again which we haven’t had done for quite sometime:

Date Weight Length Head Circ
4/9/2008 3.84Kg 52.5cm 35cm
17/9/2008 4.01Kg
24/9/2008 4.14Kg
1/10/2008 4.41Kg
15/10/2008 5.34Kg 61cm 38cm
22/10/2008 5.64Kg
29/10/2008 6.13Kg
4/11/2008 64.5cm
12/11/2008 6.84Kg
26/11/2008 7.26Kg
10/12/2008 7.85Kg
06/01/2009 8.75Kg 70cm 42cm
06/03/2009 10.60Kg 73cm 44cm
08/09/2009 13.10Kg 83cm 45.9cm
02/06/2010 14.98Kg 93cm 48.5cm

At just under 15Kg and 93cm tall, he is on the 97th percentile for weight and doesn’t register on the chart for height.

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