Hugo, 14 Months & Attempting To Walk

Hugo has been able to pull himself up to his feet without our help for at least six months. The different perspective that standing provided for Hugo, over crawling was exciting to watch. While being able to stand up was a big achievement, the real excitement happened when Hugo realised that he could move around so long as he had something to lean on for balance. So for at least the last six months, he has been crawling around the house and subsequently standing and shuffling about with something to keep balance against.

During September 2009, he began letting go of things while standing for short periods of time. Of course, that excited Claire and I which made Hugo clap and give himself applause for his efforts. Only two months later, toward the end of November, Hugo realised that he could stand on his own without anything to stablise himself. Of course, as soon as that happened – all he wanted to do was stand and the natural thing after that was walking.

We were lucky enough to catch some of Hugo’s very first steps on my iPhone, while short in length – it is jam packed full of memories.

Having trouble viewing the embedded video, watch Hugo Lattimore Learning To Walk on YouTube.

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