28th Birthday

It’s that time of the year again, I’m now a whopping 28 years of age!

I woke up in no particular rush, Claire and Hugo came in to say Happy Birthday which was great. Being a bit of a present fanatic, Claire thought I should open some presents immediately – I obliged and received the following wicked gifts:

  • Bvlgari Aqva Marine
  • Huge box of Ferrero Rocher
  • Gift voucher for some clothes
  • Oakley Antix sunglasses in black tortoise
  • Professional canvas print of Hugo
  • Framed digital print of Hugo

After that we set about our normal morning routine with Hugo and I nipped out to get some McDonalds for breakfast too. We were expecting guests in the afternoon and the house still needed some attention post Christmas, so we cleaned the house to make it a little more respectable.

Andrew, Belinda & Ben arrived at our place just after 11AM for lunch. I received another present from the three of them, a pair of very cool looking cargo style shorts and The Dark Knight DVD which is the latest in the Batman series. Anita & Emily also drove up to the Gold Coast and I received an Armani Code gift set which contains the Armani Black Code perfume, body wash and after shave!

As is the ritual for lunch, we went to Hogs Breath for some fine meat. For those that are familiar with Hogs Breath, they’ll know that the prime rib is only available for dinner. The last two times we’ve been, the prime rib menus have been available for lunch – which is a little strange given that the 18 hours from the previous dinner wouldn’t have lapsed yet to cook it. As it turns out, they don’t serve the prime rib, they serve the same steak but as a rib fillet (so not slow cooked) but you can order it with any of the dinner arrangements.

On the way home, we picked up a cheese cake from the Cheese Cake Shop and everyone met back at our place for some dessert. Lucy & Michael couldn’t make it up for lunch but got to our place just in time for cheese cake. However, as I later found out they don’t like cheese cake, I maintain that it is their loss! Mid afternoon, everyone got on the road and headed back to Ipswich and Brisbane. For dinner, Claire thought she’d cook a chicken & pumpkin risotto that we both love and as usual, it was delicious!

Thank you to everyone who traveled to the Gold Coast, phoned, sent me an SMS, instant message or email today. My 28th birthday has been great and I can whole heartedly say that I’ve been very spoilt! See you all this time next year as I edge ever closer to the magic 30 milestone!