Why I Love YouTube

I’ll be the first to say that I’m not a YouTube user, however YouTube really does offer a fantastic service to the community.

On Tuesday night I play squash and as such, I missed the Up Close & Personal instalment of Australian Idol. I was really looking forward to it; Bobby Flynn, Lisa Mitchell and Jessica Mauboy were bound to put on a good show.

Thankfully, some kind YouTube user has been encoding all of the performances of Australian Idol 2006 and uploading them onto YouTube.

Below are a couple of my favourite Bobby Flynn performances:

2 thoughts on “Why I Love YouTube

  1. This is all very well and good. And I agree YouTube is very convenient and can offer a great service to users. But the legal consequences of this services are colossal, its almost encouraging users to violate copyrighted material and I can guarantee now that Google own it Copyright owners won’t stand for it much longer.

    Not to say that Copyright owners are all against it, for some it means another channel of promotions and they can recoup money back from other Avenues. But Google have some serious work to do to ensure they ain’t going to get their pants sued off.

  2. Ian,

    You’re right, that is a problem. I just hope that the copyright owners and sites like YouTube can come to some sort of happy agreement, which doesn’t involve crippling the effectiveness the site.


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