Emily Williams Recording Contract

Sony BMG announced today that Emily Williams has signed a recording contract with them. From what I understand, immediately after Australian Idol finished Sony had all but said they were not interested in a contract with the runner up. Maybe after the lack-lustre record sales of Kate DeAraugo, they’ve realised that maybe the wrong person won the competition again and are now hot on the heals of the rightful winner.

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  2. Emily should have won the comp instead of half of the dickheads in the comp and the winner was shit!!!! GO EMILY YOUR A STAR IN THE MAKING. GOOD

  3. All you Kate supporters Dis emily cause she told her story of her supposed hard life and single mum… but its her story … so its hers to tell… IT HAPPENED SO WHAT… Kate used her Weight as an issue to swing votes her way , with the i was fat and teased in high school and kyle egged it on with the contstant remarks about her weight thats the only reason for her success.. her single and album all were over shaddowed be Lee hardings… So there… Kate is as much a “poor me story’ as any of the contestents were…

    She cant sing… how many touchdowns did she get…. UMMM a hell of a lot less than emily…

    So i wonder who the judges thought was better and i beleive they are way better judges of voice than UR ALL KNOBS

    Emily should be congratulated with her debut single

  4. I was a big big fan of emily once until one day she came in to my shop for bread. she was so damn cocky n rude. I am glad that she didnt win the aust idol, she didnt deserve to win. I think the reason she hasnt released any album til now is cause she is so too ugly; look and personality.

  5. Been waiting for this album I will buy this one as it will be good as opposed to Kate who is just like a million other voices.

    Emily has talent and class and cant wait to buy the cd

  6. hey there….so i just hada read of all well most of the comments on this site and i tend to think that some made here are based on 1 or more persons oppinoin alone not fact….people theres no point saying stuff wen u cant submit it as fact thats how rumors start!!!!!!!…….(incase u didnt know)

    on a POSITIVE note there are so many supportive people on here that understand emilys a real talented smart and very wise girl…..regardless of her up bringing and watever mistakes she has made in the past she knows wat she wants and shes guna work hard to get it….

    while emily may not be liked by every1 she still manages to hold her head up high and carry on with her dream…which will at the end of the dae will be extremely rewarding to herself and family…..THATS RITE GABI!!!!!!!! she has a daughter a major source in her life jus bcoz u dont understand wea she is comming from as a mother doesnt give u the rite to say emily shudnt always speak of asia and to make it known she loves her baby…..its a beautiful thing to openly share ur love 4 ur kid to the world!!!!!!!ive known her(emily)4 many years her potential is beyond her years

    the mind of that girl is sometymes so of the planet i mean in the sence that shes rather clever ems has the most beautiful heart and soul……shes saved my ass many times hahahahaha tru tho!!!!!! hence the reason i wud go to the extent of writting on a public website jus to make it known……..DONT JUDGE HER IF U DONT EVEN HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT SHES REALLY LIKE……..which brings me to another point….DONT BELIEVE EVERYTHING U C AND HEAR AND READ…..UNLESS U GET IT FRM THE HORSES MOUTH…..U KNOW THE DRILL
    thats all peoples, i know that ems wud be so thrilled to have the support of all who r positive even those that r negitive ems knows u all have a rite to ur oppinion and she can respect that……BUT U WONT STOP HER SHES STRONGER THEN THAT!!!!!!!!!!

    LOVE YA EMS xoxoxoxoxox

    june 2006

  7. Hi Emily,
    I think u have the best voice I have ever heard. Last year when I was watching assie idol and every time u sang I got goose bumps and a tear in my eye, you sing with so much heart and soul. I have 2 girls that watch the show with me every year and they love u Emily. My oldest girl(she is only 10 yrs old) wants to grow up and be on aussie idol just like u.
    Can’t wait for your cd to come out and we will be in the audience when the young divas come to brisbane just to see u.
    u rock emily xxooxx

  8. hey emily we have to do a 2 minute speech at school about famouse people and i picked you so yer i just want d you to know and i am talkin bout ya life and the young divas i love ya song now and i hope u last im lookin forward to your next song

  9. The reason why sony is not releasing anything yet, on emily is because she arrived to a showcase for sony looking disorientated and drugged out, maybe emily is taking this opportunity for granted, me and my partner watched her perform in sydney a few months back at a gay bar and we were shocked to see her sculling cups of wine or beer backstage.

  10. Like who gives a shit, at least she doesn’t drink and drive like Shannon Knoll!
    AS for Sony, they’re pretty quick to sign on crappy singers who can’t sing for shit even though Kate’s sales suck they’ll still try and make her out to be some wanna be superstar. Still with no singing talent to date! How do you know she was actually sculling beer to begin with?? Even if she did she can still belt out those notes and sing any one of the recent idol talent under the table any day! And still hold her own.

  11. Rachel, has Sony actually stated this for the record? Or are you trying to dish any negative crap about a singer who can drink, scull anyone under the table and still belt out those notes?
    Get you facts right, was it beer or wine that you actually saw her drink?

    At least she doesn’t drink and drive like Shannon Knoll, or is Sony still full of crap trying to make Kate’s failure of sales hone in the rest of the Divas reign? Even though Kate’s singing and talent is way off than the rest of the girls.

    Go Emily , what ever state your in. You can still show these negative people you can hold your own!

  12. how do any of you know that emily doesnt drink drive? if you are professional you dont get wasted back stage before you go on. you dont even know if she did hit all her notes that night because you werent there but rachel was. it doesnt matter if it was wine or beer emily follower because its just poor form to do that when you are getting paid to give the best performance you can give.

    to emily’s friend. im sure that she is grateful you are there to defend her honour but its kinda pointless when you tell people not to judge her when she went on a show that is all about judging people.

  13. What Ever “No fan Of Emily’, for the simple reason why Shannon Knoll was convicted for drinking and driving. You dont have to be there do you! When EMily performed on Aus Idol she did exactly that by singing at her best! And can you prove Rachel was actually there??
    There are professionals who do alot worse than ‘nit-pick’ shitty comments about one of the greatest singers ever and still dish out any crap just because some knob saw her drink what ever they assume she drank doesn’t mean anything.
    I’m no fan of anyone who can’t prove that it was alcohol or claim that Sony didn’t take Emily on a singing contract purely because of Alcohol. Its plain rubbish!

  14. We all know Kate is limited with her style of singing and low performance. That’s All I can say. Roxanne or Anne should have been one of the other diva’s!

  15. hi emily follower – im not quite sure of everything you are saying there – it doesnt read too well.
    All i will tell you is if i paid money to see someone perform and they were drunk and therefore unable to give their best performance – it doenst matter who it is, i’d be pretty annoyed.
    Im sure she sung her best on idol – doesnt mean all of us thought it was good. some of us saw beyond the screeching and the theatrics and didnt like what we saw.

  16. Oh please ‘no fan of emily’, majority of people on this site no Kate’s talent is limited. You weren’t even there so stop being so melodramatic.
    The point is you didn’t pay money to see Emily sing on the night so you can’t comment on Emily’s supposed drinking for the simgple fact the you weren’t even there!
    From the performance of all Diva’s Kate was the only one out of all the girl’s who had the same dull tones as she did on idol 3. That would have been disapointing to see the other girls sing to the best of their ability then watch Kate she’s soo boring voice wise. The only thing that Kate has is her typical blonde hair and the support of people who just don’t have a clue!

  17. OKAY! OMG! I’m sick of people who come onto blogs and crap on about good people! Lee’s an awsome guy! I love him to death! He changed my life and I can’t imagine waht i’d be like with out him. But look, I don’t like Emily that much. But I’m not gonna go off about how much I hate her coz I don’t hate her! Maybe if she cried a little less id like her… But still she’s a nice person, I know that for a fact! And then there’s kate! she’s great! She came to my local shopping centre and I was an idiot and put up a sign for lee… Which I regret mine you! But I talked to her and said sorry for the sign. and she said it was cool and Lee’s a beautiful lovely boy!
    Omg! How can you people not get it! AND HE”S NOT An EMO!! he’s not even close to an emo. So he likes simple plan! Everyone likes simple plan!

    and punk is difficult music to do. It’s fast, it’s ruthless, it’s heart filled, jump around stuff. I’d like to see you people get up there and do waht Lee does! Think about what you’re saying!
    My mum used to not like lee, now she loves him. She met him and now she thinks he’s a really really lovely guy and can’t stop talking about him. I just can’t beleive some people… He’s happy the way he is. COZ HE”S BETTER THAN THE PEOPLE WHO BAG HIM OUT!!
    Hurting people won’t get you anywhere in life.

  18. Emily Williams should of won the Auzzie Idol instead of Kate. She’s heaps better than Kate. I cannot wait for her Album to come into stores.

  19. Who agree with me that Emily is the best singer. I want to prove all those who reckon Kate should of won WRONG. We luv you Emily.

  20. Congrats Emily. I am glad you have finally been recognised for your outstanding talent. I voted for you and was crushed when you didn’t win. Should have been a landslide win and I can’t wait to get your album. Would be the only ‘idol’ singers album I would buy. You are awesome.

  21. I have read a couple of responses as to Lee being the best idol. On a week by week entertainment value I would probably agree but in terms of singing ability I would greatly disagree. I thought his singing was quite ordinary. That is not to take away from what he has accomplished. Good on him and let’s be honest, we all like different artists and different styles of music.

    And as for the drunk thing, who cares. Like the singers at a lot of concerts you go to aren’t drunk or off their nut. As long as the performance is great, what does it matter?

  22. Em, hurry up and get your album out!! You are the best in all the years of idol. Ive been waiting for ages and still I haven’t heard of an album coming out. I’ll be one of the first to get it when it does come out. Luv ya

  23. Why does everyone pick on the other contestants who they dont like? Sure, its ok to say if u dont like someone, but why go crapping on about how much u hate them? I love Emily, but i like Kate to. Sure Kate’s not as good as Em, but thats no reason to say u hate her. Same 4 emily. Just coz you didnt like one of them singing, dont say u hate hate them or they suck. They r both great, just em’s better. Kate doesn’t suck.

    And stop going on about drinking at a concert. Its no big deal. get over it.

  24. i can only agree wat ppl r sayin bout emily. i wud only b repeating.
    YES kate won she is good but Emily is way better. she scored a hell of amout of touchdowns. kate scored non. i spent heaps of money 4 her to win but like most reality tv shows i think its family votes. (big brother is also a good example) but even tho kate has the title. emily DOES hav a record deal. and i heard that instead of rushin the ablum and hav no heart in it. she gonna take her time so it can be the best it can be and hav soul. (like paulinis 2nd album, superwoman) but we hav herd sum of her in the young divas so that wud get her name across.
    all hoping she does well well and cums out soon!!
    (lee does actually suck! he has no talent jst a wanabee wiggle punk. far pathetic)

  25. Hey emz were all happy for you and look forward to what furture brings to your life, hows baby! Good to hear Mathew made it in to New Zealand Idol 06. Well i guess moving to auz was the best thing for you, you wouldnt beleave the support you have back here in dirty souf, lol lol. God bless.

    p.s Hey i downloaded some of your songs from Auzi idiol and passed them onto Sonny to listen to, you know that credict is always prowling for some thing negative to say but i have to admit the best song i herd would of been whitney houstons no1 hit man that was mean. Look forward to a album being realease and some majoy collabrations with some talented artist. Kia kaha mana motou hake, lol lol lol jks

    all da best ( b strong ) lol lol lol holla bak if you get the chance to read dis


  26. hey emz, i just been reading some comments and it seems the old days are catching up on you girl , lol lol just remember stay focused, show your full potential always and give it your best there’s nothing wrong with dat. take care emz

  27. Emily is an inspiration to all young girls, im sure she had it damn tough and she deserved idol way more than that kate chic, who was full of herself! I don’t think many people udnerstand that and she was the far better singer! her vocals are unbeatable!

  28. no no no yous have got it all wrong…..deas nothing wrong wid kate winning idol man…farrr emily was way better but hey it was da nations vote if every 1 thinks dat emily shoulda won den u’z shoulda bloody voted more….its to late 4 all your crap now…ESPECIALLY YOU “KNOBZ”…hu do u fink u r m8??..i think u should just cut da crap aye!….seriously m8 ur just WRECK AYE!

  29. im back once only – hey guys – where is this fab album of emilys? at least the other so called diva’s have released their own solo albums!


  31. You know what Knobz I’ve read your comments, you really need help, you must hate Emily that much it’s really sad.

    Get it through your knobby thick skulled brain, the girl can sing. As for Kate her cd that she released last year by another pack of idiotic dick-heads at Sony BMG did fuck all. And yet she now sings with the Diva’s , when you hear all the girls singing, you can clearly hear who has the real talent, when Kate sings its so superficial.

    Sony BMG wouldn’t know talent if it landed between their legs, nor would a miserable cow like you!!

    Get a life.

  32. you r all snobs.anyway hi emily i think ur the greatest OMG.u rock. kate’s a good singer but u r way better.

  33. and as for u b*tchs out there like ur all snobs and yub yub get over yourselves your just backstabers bye for i luv u em you rock

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