Hugo, 1 Month & Amazing

Hugo Lattimore at age 1 month enjoying time on the playmatClaire and I have been parents now for the lengthy period of one month and it has been an unforgettable experience.

Over that time we’ve seen an incredible shift in Hugo, which has been very exciting to watch happen before our  eyes. When Hugo was first born, he was alert – so much so that the midwife commented on it. We both thought that was pretty amazing, not breathing for five minutes and already checking the place out. A month on though, Hugo’s ability to investigate and explore the surroundings has improved greatly and is always finding new things to look at.

Hugo continues to grow at a nice solid pace, born at 3.84Kg and he lost approximately 240gm in the days following. In the last day we were in hospital, Hugo had already started to gain back the 240gm that he lost initially, which pleased the doctors and weighed in at 4.4Kg last week.

Given so much has changed with Hugo since birth, I am really excited to see what will happen in the next month. I’m sure his muscle control and motor skills will improve which will allow him to do things that make his achievements in the first month look mediocre!

2 thoughts on “Hugo, 1 Month & Amazing

  1. He sounds great Al, very alert and likes investigating hey, sounds like a BA in the making :).

  2. He is such a little Cherub with those cheeks Al! You both will be amazing parents and I am sure Al, you will incorporate some benchmarking in there somewhere!! LOL

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