Tracking Outdoor Pet Movements

Ever wondered where you pet might go while outside, does he just laze about the house or does he prowl the neighbourhood. Apparently that question was just too much for Mr Lee, so he developed a set of utilities to solve that problem:

  • CatTrack: Affix a small GPS logging device to your favourite pet and when they return home for the night – you can download the GPS data and view the path/route within Google Maps.
  • CatCam: Affix a small camera to your favourite pet and actually see where they are. For those that don’t deal well with maps, you know who you are.
  • CatCam Live: Affix a small camera and wifi equipment to your animal to stream their pictures live, no more waiting for your animal to return home to download the pictures taken during the day.

One thought on “Tracking Outdoor Pet Movements

  1. Somewhat related, and something that I thought was quite a novel idea is Flo Control. Someone that built an image recognition system into the catflap so that their cat isn’t let into the house when carrying dead (or mostly dead) wildlife

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