Maggie Grace Lattimore: Birth

Maggie Grace Lattimore, Born 11 January 2006 with father Cameron and son TomAt 8:45am on the 11th of January, my first niece was born – Maggie Grace Lattimore.

Tina and Maggie returned home from the hospital today and are both doing well. Maggie was 6lb 9oz (2.98Kg) and was 48cm long, a dainty little thing! I think its safe to say that Jude and George are particularly pleased with the event, I know Claire and I are.

4 thoughts on “Maggie Grace Lattimore: Birth

  1. Thanks Milo. Cameron & Tina are leading the way in terms of children, they are the only one of four boys which have children. I suspect, it won’t be long before another one of us has children though!

  2. Hey Big Al,
    Tina just had a look at the Maggie page and she’s not happy with the foto. However very impressed with overall site and stories!

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