Darlington Park Go Karts

Darlington Park Go Karting Race Track, Gold CoastOn the weekend of the 17th September, we upheld the long standing tradition of a Bucks Party for the Groom. We decided to break the day into four main parts:

  1. Go Karting
  2. Lunch
  3. Race Simulation
  4. Drinking

We turned up to Darlington Park Raceway at about 8.30 in the morning for a package event. It included a warm up, qualifying, three races and a final. The circuit was fantastic, sitting just down from the crest of the hill. It was fast, without being too straight and very interesting to drive with all of the up and down sections; one of the most entertaining and fun circuits I’ve ever raced on in a go-kart.

I didn’t place at all, though I had a blast. The standout driver across the races was without a doubt, Danny. He was consistently faster than everyone else on the circuit, at times up to 2 seconds per lap – with times in the 62 second area.

There were plenty of thrills, I know I went in too deep into a corner and broadslided into my older brother Andrew. Meanwhile, Brendan had some sort of a break failure (which we all thought was worth a good laugh afterwards), in the fastest section of the track. Fortunately, or unfortunate, depending on how you look at it – there were no spills.

All and all, it was an excellent morning of racing and I think everyone had a great time.

9 thoughts on “Darlington Park Go Karts

  1. Yeah, you were looking a little ordinary.
    I’m actually surprised you were able to drive in the races and not throw up, heh.

  2. Ian,

    I went go karting at Kingston Park Raceway in February with Andrew (comment #1) and Ian (comment #3) – where I got sunburnt which lasted quite a long time. We had a blast actually, it was a good day out. I particularly liked the chicane on the back side of the track, taking that at full speed was fantastic!


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