Pure Blonde

Pure Blonde Beer, a product by Cartlon Development Group - a division of Carlton & United Beverages.After dining on a fine Thai Massaman Beef with Wayne for dinner tonight, he picked up a new beer, the Pure Blonde by Cartlon United. Carlton describe it as a lighter, crisper, aromatic lager that delivers superior taste; which has been specially brewed longer to produce a beer that is lower in carbohydrates.

I thought it was quite funny that they are advertising it as a low carbohydrate beer. That in itself, is really quite a good thing since beer is associated to beer bellies, which aren’t a pretty sight with a shirt off. What really made me chuckle was when Wayne referred to them as “a geek beer”. I instantly had mental images of a huge, overweight man, sitting on an office chair with his gut hanging out sucking back the cold ones.

4 thoughts on “Pure Blonde

  1. From what ive seen, Pure Blonde has been around for a while in Brisbane, never picked one up though

  2. I live in brizneyland too and I love Pure Blonde.It is a crisp,fresh and has a delightful synthetic taste.YUUUmm.You can suck em down one after the other and still want more

  3. something not right about this beer, the next day i had a massive headache and stomach problems… and i only had 2 of these beers. i think theyre riddled with chemicals. please do not drink this unnatural beer.

  4. Justin,

    I think you were feeling ill for some other reason than the Pure Blonde beer; they are consumed in vast quantities all over the place.


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