Sunburn, Stage 2

Alistair Lattimore's Sunburnt Legs, Stage 2As you might or might not know, I went go karting last weekend and unfortunately had a severe misunderstanding with the sun.

Seven days have now passed and with loads of Aloe Vera and moisturiser, they are feeling considerably better; however definitely not healed.

The photo indicates that my legs are actually still very very red, however that is just contrasting with my normally white coloured skin. So in fact, the redness on my thigh is actually kind of ‘normal’, not quite but close in a sense.

The colour of my shins is now only pink instead of a strong red, which is fantastic and the pain of my shins is pretty much gone. I have managed full nights sleep for the last 3 nights in a row, which compared to last week of three hours per night, is fantastic. The sore bits now are just down my actual shin bone, which what the most severely burnt. I was expecting to have full leg length blisters, however I think that the Aloe and moisturiser must of saved that from happening as the only blisters that have appeared are very small ones.

By this time next weekend, it should have completely recovered; or I hope it has. Be interesting to see the difference in the colour in another seven days time.

2 thoughts on “Sunburn, Stage 2

  1. I went kayaking and got hammered by the sun and my legs after 6 days are veeeeeeeery sore but it’s good to know you have also experienced pain on your shins!

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