Like Father, Like Daughter?

White ragdoll cat sleeping on its back spread eagleI was recently laying down on the carpet stretching and massaging my back muscles with the use of a Bak Ball and Princess thought she would keep me company.

As I have mentioned previously, Princess isn’t all that normal in the laying down department, so instead of just sitting near me like a normal cat – she laid on her back.

I didn’t notice her there at first and then Claire pointed it out – it does make a funny photo.

5 thoughts on “Like Father, Like Daughter?

  1. i have a nine year old blue point ragdoll male who does this all the time. he sleeps on his back in the middle of the floor. if someone lays on the floor he will go and lay down beside them. he will often try to copy your exect position and many a time i have woken up to find him resting his head on my arm sound asleep. sooooo cute!

  2. Susanne,

    They really are a beautiful cat.

    When our son Hugo was born, Claire and I gave Princess to Lucy (Claire’s younger sister) to look after for a while.

    I really miss her around the house and I’d love to get her back at some point in the future but we’re expecting our second child in May – so not sure how that’ll go for the moment!


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