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Bad Kitty

Today, Claire purchased the a pack of Spacebags – the vacuum able plastic storage bags. After giving them a good run with some of our infrequently used items, Claire was nothing but impressed and wanted to show me them immediately.

We walked into the spare room and Claire was shocked that the bags were no longer collapsed and thought that she must not have sealed them correctly. Upon closer inspection, it was revealed that Princess decided that this new contraption needed to pass the claw test.

You guessed it:

Kitty 1, Spacebags 0

Naughty kitty, naughty.

Ragdoll Relaxation

Ragdoll Kitten: Napping On An Ironing BoardIt has been nearly three months since I last posted anything about Princess; so it is time for a little update.

As I mentioned in the last update, Princess isn’t very lady like. For whatever reason, she has taken to sleeping in her perfectly lady-like position in the doorway of our bedroom. At night, if she isn’t sleeping on her back in the doorway; you can be sure she is sprawled over one of our bedside tables.

To unwind from a stressful day, Princess likes to play with her toys. One of her favourite toys is a simple household clothes peg; she thinks they are just great. She has been known to play with them on her own steam for hours at a time and also retrieve them too! A little while ago, we kept on losing her favourite pegs and we couldn’t work out where they were vanishing to. On the weekend, Claire and I decided we’d hunt the house high and low to find out where Princess has been stashing them. After checking all the expected places, we ended up being very surprised!

Farewell Gizmo

Gizmo, the Lattimore family pet.One day about in about 1990, my cousin Rachel turned up at my place with a tiny golden Pomeranian cross Corgi puppy. From memory, mum & dad were not that pleased about the situation since they had no notice what so ever! None the less, the cute fluffy puppy soon became part of the family.

I don’t recall who named her, however she got her name “Gizmo” from the 1984 movie Gremlins. When Gizmo was still very tiny, she hadn’t grown quite into her ears yet. As such, when she was on her back – her ears deflopped and sat up nicely, she looked very cute.

Gizmo, one of the lead characters out of the 1984 Gremlins movie.As she was growing up, she was the most beautifully natured dog. About the only problem we ever had with her in that regard was that, at times, she could be a little snappy around little kids. She would never really bite, however if they were patting her too hard or doing something to annoy her – she’d give a little snap in their direction and it soon brought the kids back inline. One of my clearest memories of Gizmo happened regularly in the evening when George (read: Dad) would return home from work. As soon as Dad made any noise as he was pulling into the driveway, Gizmo would bolt flat out from one end of the house to the other. She would arrive at her destination with gusto and excitement, tail wagging furiously just begging to get a pat! Unfortunately, as she was growing up her excitement often got the better of her bladder and she would piddle near the door!

Gizmo also loved riding in cars. Our family owns an old Ford Falcon ute which we restored many moons ago. It doesn’t get used for a lot of stuff these days, mostly heading out to the dump and for convenience. Since it was an old ute, it had a very distinctive sound to the engine and exhaust; Gizmo knew it well. As soon as we’d turn it over, she’d be normally be there in a snap hoping she could come for a drive. She’d sit on the parcel shelf, and stick her head out the window in the wind, she loved it. For those uninitiated, the parcel shelf is the small shelf that is at about shoulder height when sitting in a ute and is immediately behind the seats.

In the last few years, Gizmo’s health has been quietly deteriorating. She has been nearly totally deaf for the last two years and as old age set in, her general mobility has decreased too. In the last year, that has since become more of an issue as her arthritis started to really hinder her movement. Getting up and down steps had become difficult and you could see her back hips and legs had become a little weak. Its really sad to see your family pet get old and its a shame that we outlast them I think, but it is just part of the life cycle.

I’d prefer to remember all of the great times she has brought our family and friends over the years. You’ll be missed Gizzy.

Ragdoll Retriever

Since you are all familiar with Princess now, I’m going to reveal a new talent that she has developed in the last fortnight – retrieving! Yes, you are thinking of the right thing – just like the Labrador Golden Retriever.

We first noticed it when she found a pink peg in our laundry basket and was having a merry old time playing with it on the tiles. When she finished batting it around on the tiles, we’d pick it up and throw it again; at which point she would chase and subsequently play with it again. Soon enough, we’d throw it and she’d play with it and started bring it back to our general vicinity.

The video below was taken not long after we found out about this new skill, so the second retrieval is a little sketchy. We now play fetch with Princess regularly and she loves it. She is now taking to initiating the game herself by finding her toy and bringing it to us so that we’ll throw it!

If you’re having trouble viewing it above, you can view it directly on YouTube at

More to come.

Candid Kitty

Ragdoll Kitten: Playing In Clothes BasketSince you’ve all been introduced to Princess, I thought it time to post a few more pictures we’ve managed to snap of her over the last fortnight. No surprise, Princess loves to play – often at inopportune times. One of her favourties toys has been a little blue mouse made of rope, she can really dig her claws into it!

This evening whilst researching on the internet, Princess jumped onto the table like normal. This time, it was different; this time she saw the mouse cursor on the screen and thought it was the best thing since sliced bread. As I moved the mouse, she followed it intently over the screens. When I started to wiggle it a little in front of her, she started trying to touch and bite the screen – so cute!

As it turns out, our Princess isn’t very lady like – she flops and sprawls over everything and anything, makes for great little cuddles though. She is also an intrepid explorer, if there is anything in the house she can climb under, over, through or into – she had already been there.