Movember 2014

Movember is a great cause to raise awareness for men’s health issues, whether it is physical or mental health – it doesn’t matter – the point is to raise the profile of men’s health issues so they can be dealt with in a caring and compassionate way.

I participated in Movember last year for the first time and it was a scary endevour as I wasn’t sure how I’d go having never attempted to grow a mustache before. I’ve now learned that I can’t grow a luxurious mustache like some blokes and by the end of the month it looked like I’d been pulled off the set of a bad 80’s porn film! That might not have been so bad though, I think people generally felt bad for me and as a result, I managed to raise $805 over the month – which I think is pretty bloody awesome.

My last attempt I tried to grow a pretty tradition mustache, you know – the hairy top lip. This year in an attempt to look ever so slightly less ridiculous, I’m going to see if I can carve out a moderately respectable set of handle bars. I know right now I’ll be no Chopper Reed but it is worth a shot!

Below is my artists impression of what I might hope to look like if I channel enough energy and think positive thoughts about my mustache:

Alistair Lattimore Movember 2014 Artists Impression

Raising money for Movember helps my Mo grow, honest! My MoSpace page is up and running already, so you can donate to my worthy cause right now – don’t wait – get your wallet and flick me $50 – it is for a great cause!