Liar Liar, Pants On Fire

Apparently I failed to touch wood after my comment last week of being the least sick person I know, as on Friday afternoon I fell ill with some nasty bug.

Friday lunchtime I felt perfectly healthy, however by that afternoon I was definitely feeling off. I attended the Gold Coast .NET User Group on Friday evening to hear Boon Tiong Lim present on Visual Studio 2008 and associated technology which was really interesting. While I was there, I managed to win myself a copy of Windows Vista Business which was a really great surprise!

Anyway, I went home and collapsed in bed and slept for about 12 or so hours straight. The following day I couldn’t muster the energy to do much at all and this continued until about Tuesday. Finally got an appointment with a local doctor on Thursday and he said that I most likely fell ill with the same bug that has been putting people in hospital here on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane. The doctor was pretty impressed that my body had managed to fight off the bug on its own, without drugs in only 4 days – go immune system go!

Returned to work today, still have a little bit of a cough however the drugs the doctor prescribed will kill that off soon enough. Next time I’ll remember to touch some wood next time I make a statement like that.