30 Day Challenge: No Chocolate

Shaved ChocolateAs the next 30 day challenge, I’m going to go the entire month of June without chocolate.

Following on from keeping track of what I eat over the course of an average week, which is what motivated me to cut down on my milk intake, it became clear that chocolate was another clear contributor to a poor diet.

Like most people, I like chocolate. Unlike most people, I treat chocolate as a food group and I’ve long realised I can’t be trusted around it.

Semi-regularly I used to buy a family block of chocolate from Woolworths when they were on special and demolish the majority of it in a single hit, maybe while watching a movie. In more recent times, I’ve stopped buying blocks of chocolate since they don’t last but every once in a while – one finds its way into the fridge. My chocolate habit doesn’t stop with blocks of chocolate though, it extends into anything with chocolate involved like chocolate chip cookies, Snickers, Crunchie and Cherry Ripe chocolate bars or chocolate coated sultanas.

The goal for the month is to basically ween myself off chocolate, with an end game of being able to eat it in moderation moving forward as a treat and less so as a food group.

Wish me luck, I think I’m going to need it!

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