30 Day Challenge: Drink 2 Litres Of Water Daily

Since I started gradually¬†losing weight over a year ago now, I’ve been on the look out for small changes I could make to my lifestyle that I felt I could maintain moving forward.

I’ve never been much of a water drinker across the course of the day, which I suppose is quite silly since the human body is over 50% water. I certainly drink my fair share of water when exercising but it isn’t a drink I think to consume throughout a normal day.

I recently attended a Franklin Covey training course and it was mentioned that it takes around 21 days to set a new habit. That reminded me of Matt Cutts, a famous Google employee among the online marketing world who regularly does 30 day challenges.

It’ll be the first time I’ve ever taken on a short term challenge like this before and it seems like a great opportunity to assess different aspects of your life and make some small changes around things that might have a meaningful impact, either short, medium or long term.

Tomorrow I’m going to buy a 1 litre bottle of water so I can easily keep track of how much water I’m drinking across the day. Just like I did with my weight loss, I’ll be keeping track of my daily water intake in Google Docs so I can see how successful I’ve been over the month.

As an added benefit, I’m hoping that increasing my water consumption will have the opposite effect on my coffee intake. I really do love drinking coffee, however I know I drink too much of it. So if drinking more water helps with reducing that at the same time, it is definitely a win win situation.