Hugo Walking Down Stairs

Hugo has been able to walk for about five months and in that time he has progressed from a very wobbly baby walk, to a fast shuffle and is now beginning to think about running when he gets excited.

Over that time, Claire and I have been fairly particular in training Hugo to know that he isn’t allowed to walk down the three steps in our split level house on his own. Of course, that didn’t stop him giving it a valiant attempt when he wasn’t ready and coming to a sudden stop at the bottom. After dusting himself off and recovering from that little incident, which took about two minutes, he then knew that he really did need to wait at the top of the steps.

Since he has been able to crawl confidently, Hugo has been able to crawl up the steps one by one. Once he began walking, crawling up the steps slowly morphed into walking up the steps on hands and feet. After conquering that and being able to pop/spring onto his feet with ease, he began walking up the steps and using the wall for safety.

Even though Hugo could walk up the stairs on his own confidently, he has still been waiting at the top of the steps for someone to help him down. Initially that meant he’d grip our hand for dear life and we’d offer a lot of support until recently he has been walking down the stairs and only gently holds onto a single finger. Hugo has been doing that now for quite a while and Claire and I were wondering when he might have a go on his own and low and behold, on the weekend he attempted it for the first time on his own with spectacular success.

Having trouble viewing the embedded video, watch Hugo Lattimore Walking Down Stairs on YouTube.