27th Birthday

Another year has lapsed and another birthday with it! A quick synopsis of the day in question:

  • Slept in and then Claire and I puddled our way down to McDonalds for breakfast.
  • Fluffed about in the middle of the day and had to head over to the shops for a few incidentals
  • Mid afternoon, Andrew, Michael, Lucy, Emily, Anita and Oliver arrived
  • We all headed to Hogs Breath on the spit for dinner at about 6pm and Brendan & Lin met us there and we consumed plenty of fine steak
  • After dinner, we returned home to eat some birthday cake and have a few drinks

A nice relaxing day and I was even lucky enough to receive some great bootie as well:

  • Bourne Ultimatum DVD
  • The Orange Box, a collection of expansions for Half Life 2
  • A ticket to go zorbing
  • A specially brewed bottle of WK-40 tailored to kill wasps after my recent encounters
  • The Dangerous Book For Boys
  • A nice blue polo shirt
  • Movie tickets
  • Lindt chocolates

Thank you to everyone who could make it up to the coast and for the phone calls and SMS’s I received. Now I just have another three hundred and sixty something days to wait for it to happen again!

2 thoughts on “27th Birthday

  1. Has Claire’s dislike of polo shirts finally gotten to you too Al? Or are you just ungrateful?

    How about a photo of the WK-40 tin.

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