Changing Expectations

For as long as Hugo has been able to walk, we’ve been telling him not to put things into the bath and more recently into the baby bath for Evie. Despite that, from time to time, he still gives it a go to see if the rules have changed.

For Christmas, Hugo received a fantastic set of foam stacking blocks for use in the bath. Claire and I were excited to give them ago, as he loves his normal stacking blocks and are not water friendly.

We gave the mesh bag to Hugo to carry up to the bath, which he was more than happy to assist with. I then took the bag and put it into the bath and then there were a whole lot of tears. Initially, I thought he was crying because I’d taken his new stacking blocks off him, as it turns out he was crying because I was getting them wet which he thought was going to break them.

Across the course of the bath, I tried a few different times to put the stacking blocks into the bath and each time I was met with more tears. In the end, it was easier to leave them out of the water on the side of the bath & try again next bath.

After I realised what he was upset about, it makes complete sense – we’ve been telling him for a year not to put things into the bath. Then all of a sudden, we go and put a brand new present into the bath – we were breaking our own rules!