Wotif GroupAfter over nine years with Mantra Group, today I resigned from my current position of Ecommerce Analyst and I accepted a new job offer at Wotif Group to head up their search engine optimisation team.

First impressions of Wotif Group are excellent, their recruitment process is very organised. First off the bat was a phone interview which was relatively brief and took about 10 minutes to cover off some basic requirement type questions. For both in person interviews, I received an email from their human resources department in a clearly structured format outlining address, dates, times, interview panel members and instructions once I arrived at the office all ahead of time.

The two interviews I had were great, first was a technical based interview which lasted for about 90 minutes and went very well – I could have kept discussing search engine marketing with Joe for another hour. Second interview with the executive general manager of the department was about 75 minutes in duration and also went very well, easy interview format that felt more like a two way discussion than a one way flood of questions.

I love that the Wotif Group office has LCD screens throughout the office with real-time key performance indicators about how the company is performing today, this week, this month and so forth. While a subtle thing, it indicates that they are measurement based which I think is critical in today’s ultra competitive online environment and that they want everyone in the business to be ever mindful of what they can do to help meet the companies goals.

Exciting times ahead, can’t wait to get started on 6th January 2014!

5 thoughts on “Wotif

  1. Big Congrats from us Uncle Al ???????????????? We are so proud of you ???????????? big love from Philba, Tam& Gracie xxx

  2. Bugger the emotive symbols showed up as ?????? Sorry Al the????? are actually thumbs ups and hand clapping followed by hearts :)

  3. Congratulations from Mum & I.

    If enthusiasm has anything to do with success, you will enjoy this new challenge and enjoyment is a big contributor to that.

    All the best.

  4. Thanks Dad, I’m really looking forward to the challenge. From what I know of Wotif as an outsider, I know there are a lot of big hills to climb and I’m sure I’ll find plenty more when I land there in the new year – onward & upward!

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