Candid Kitty

Ragdoll Kitten: Playing In Clothes BasketSince you’ve all been introduced to Princess, I thought it time to post a few more pictures we’ve managed to snap of her over the last fortnight. No surprise, Princess loves to play – often at inopportune times. One of her favourties toys has been a little blue mouse made of rope, she can really dig her claws into it!

This evening whilst researching on the internet, Princess jumped onto the table like normal. This time, it was different; this time she saw the mouse cursor on the screen and thought it was the best thing since sliced bread. As I moved the mouse, she followed it intently over the screens. When I started to wiggle it a little in front of her, she started trying to touch and bite the screen – so cute!

As it turns out, our Princess isn’t very lady like – she flops and sprawls over everything and anything, makes for great little cuddles though. She is also an intrepid explorer, if there is anything in the house she can climb under, over, through or into – she had already been there.

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