Social Networking Done Right?

Since joining Facebook, I have been amazed at how well it facilitates social networking.

I’m not sure why I’m so impressed with Facebook, it is a social networking tool after all. I suppose it has to do with my constant comparison against the other monster social networking sites on the internet such as MySpace.

In the case of MySpace, I signed up to that to claim my account – I had no real intention of using it as a long term service. Even after claiming my account, I didn’t see a lot of activity on it and its cluttered and often disorganised interface annoyed me.

I signed up to Facebook for similar reasons, to claim my account but primarily to check out what all the fuss was about. Soon after signing up, I was astonished at how many people I knew in another life are popping back up – it is fantastic!

I’m not a big social networking user but if what Facebook are doing is doing social networking right; then I am beginning to appreciate just how tremendous it can be.