Streamed Directly From The U.S

Channel Ten are pushing new advertising bandwagon at the moment:

Streamed directly from the U.S

The television network are promoting this little catch cry for all of the new TV series they are airing at the moment, such as:

Apparently, streaming the content directly from the United States some how makes the content better. I haven’t quite got my head around how that works just yet but if and when I do, I’ll be sure to make a note of it.

I realise that it is nit picking and that the average Joe wouldn’t notice or give a damn, but for some reason I find it a little frustrating. It’s as if Channel 10 have cottoned onto this new fangdangled ‘internet’ thing and thought that combining a new cool word or phrase with their advertising would some how make it hip and happening.

The reality of it is and they say so in their own advertisement, that we’re still seeing it with a few days delay. That begs the next question, since we’re not seeing it the same day that it is airing in the United States and that it isn’t being steamed directly from the US and aired in Australia – why couldn’t they simply ship a copy of the new series the traditional way?

That’s right, I forgot – the shows are better because they are streamed directly from the U.S!

I love advertising.

4 thoughts on “Streamed Directly From The U.S

  1. I think the idea behind this is that shows used to be delayed by weeks or months, so people would just bittorrent their favourite shows as soon as they were shown in the US.

    What Channel 10 is pushing now is, “hey, you don’t have to go through all the hassle and expense of downloading your favourite shows, you can watch them here with us because we’re only a few *days* behind now! (And we’ll show you a few ads for the pleasure).”

  2. The other thing they are doing that pisses me off is claiming the new smallville that they are showing is the “all new season”.

    It’s not. They were half way through season 5 when they took it from 7. They showed up until half way through season 6 then stopped. What we have now showing is the second half of season 6 in line with when season 7 is showing in the states.

    If I wasn’t so lazy I’d make a false advertising complaint to the advertising standards body. But that takes effort.

  3. oh, and i forgot to add. we’re not seeing all of those shows with only a few days delay. we’re almost 4 weeks behind with californication. I’ve seen all teh way up to episode 8 online already available to download as rips from TV that people stateside have captured.

  4. Stewart,

    I realise why they are pushing it and I appreciate that they are making an effort; having to download the shows is a pain in the arse.

    My gripe was more about the ‘steamed directly from the U.S’ statement, it’s just marketing guff. I suppose they needed something to latch hold of to make it sound more exciting and impressive.


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