Wordie: Like Flickr But Without The Photos

Stumbled onto a new social networking site, this one is named Wordie. The Wordie site touts it as being like Flickr but without the photos. That might seem like a strange concept, since Flickr is all about the photos; however once you realise that Wordie is all about the words and language, it makes a whole lot more sense.

After creating an account on Wordie, you can start adding words into your profile. You might add in words that you like, dislike or new words you heard used that day at work. Once you’ve added the words into your profile, you can see how many other people consider those words significant enough to have them linked into their profile. Of course, being a social networking site – you have the ability to browse the sites content by various mechanisms such as user, most popular word and so on.

What I think might be a pretty sweet idea for the site going forward it to offer it in a multilingual version. That way you could end up with a huge mass of words on the site, where you could theoretically allow the users of the site to link various word together that are the same or similar in different languages.

The idea behind Wordie is different, quirky, strange, useless and cool all at the same time. I don’t think I’ll be using it for anything but as the author said, it was just a strange idea that popped into his head that he decided to whip up for some fun!