Debunking The Bigpond Broadband Signup Myth

Since moving house at the start of June, I’ve been without any internet connectivity at home. It’s surprising how often you use the internet at home (not including the geek side of things) and I cannot believe how much Claire and I are noticing that it isn’t available.

As soon as the home phone was connected, I submitted a relocation order to Internode in hopes that Telstra would re-provision my ADSL from my old address. Of course, I couldn’t believe it when the first application was rejected due to no ADSL port availability. Expecting that this was a temporary set back, I resubmitted the application a further two times to Internode hoping that it would go through – no luck and the same reason stated by Telstra.

Having been around the ADSL and broadband scene for quite some time, I thought it pertinent to try The Bigpond Strategy. If you’re not familiar with The Bigpond Strategy, it is really quite simple:

Submit an ADSL application with Telstra Bigpond and watch in amazement as it is magically approved when everyone else was denied.

Well I’m here to inform you with a heavy heart, that The Bigpond Strategy did in fact not work and even Telstra Bigpond rejected my ADSL application with the same reason as stated by Internode.

Its been about a fortnight since I submitted the application to Bigpond, so it’s time to resubmit it and try again.