We’ve Moved

After a lot of effort on Saturday, we’ve now moved all of our stuff into our new home. We hired a three tonne truck (largest you can drive on a standard car drivers license) on Saturday morning and it took three trips in total, however only the first and second had any significant amount of stuff in them.

A couple things didn’t go to plan during the move:

  • it appears that our iron has been damaged and is causing the power to trip
  • I think I’ve lost a little bunch of four screws, which we purposefully wrapped in tape so as not to separate them. As it turns out, it was in vain as it seems we’ve lost them anyway!
  • the antenna at the new place doesn’t seem to be working, so no TV at the moment. Hopefully, we just need a signal booster.

A big thank you to Brendan, Jacob and Andrew for all the help during the move as well.