Breaking News, I Have Broadband

I have been struggling to get broadband after I moved house at the start of June. As soon as we had our phone connected, I submitted a relocation order with my existing broadband internet provider and it was knocked back. Since then, I have resubmitted new applications numerous times and they were knocked back as well. With nothing to lose, I even tried using Bigpond in some sort of vein hope that the myth was true – it was rejected as well.

I resubmitted my application yet again last Friday and hoped that a port had become available on the RIM I am connected to. To be honest, after having the previous six applications rejected over the last two month – I wasn’t going to hold my breath. This time however, something changed and it was approved.

I have broadband again, woohoo!

2 thoughts on “Breaking News, I Have Broadband

  1. Absolutely! One thing I am enjoying since connecting the ADSL tonight is the low latency; not many things can beat the responsiveness of a 30ms ping time!

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