Akismet, Stopping Website Comment Spam The Easy Way

Akismet web site spam filtering has blocked 100,021 spam messagesBy now, everyone should be acutely aware that I hate spam. In fact, I hate it that much that I think I’ve written about it every couple of months:

This time around it is no different, as Akismet just keeps on keeping on. I first installed Akismet toward the start of August 2006 as I was being overwhelmed by the volume of comment spam I was receiving. Initially, it was just one or two website spam messages but it soon increased at a rapid pace. I was receiving so much comment spam, I just couldn’t handle it manually anymore and I needed a way of stopping the spam for good.

After looking around at various WordPress comment spam filtering solutions, such as Bad Behaviour and Spam Karma; I ended up deciding on Akismet. There were a couple of reasons that I felt that Akismet was going to perform a better job stopping website spam, the main one being it was driven by the community. Spammers just love to prey on the masses and there sure is a mass of blogs on the internet. If the blogging community backed Akismet, then it seemed reasonable that as soon as enough bloggers flagged something as being spam – I wouldn’t have to worry about it either. As it turns out, this is absolutely the case as very few comment spam messages actually get through the Akismet filtering. I hate web site spam so much that I have comment moderation on as well; I know it might frustrate some commentors but I would prefer to vet a valid comment than see spam land on my site.

Akismet has now been protecting this site from website comment spam for approximately nine months and in that time it has successfully axed about 100,000 spam messages from ever appearing on the site. I can only imagine how hard it must be for people running web sites or forums these days that don’t have easy plugin access to a service like Akismet to stop website spam.

Pretty significant milestone I thought, go Akismet go!

3 thoughts on “Akismet, Stopping Website Comment Spam The Easy Way

  1. What’s equally great about this is you’re just one lil website of how ever million WP blogs and you’ve hit them up for 100,000+ XML calls in under a year…

    They’ve managed to kill nearly 10,000 spam comments on my blog which has pretty much no content and hardly anyone linking to it!

    Can you imagine these guys bandwidth bill??? Go them for hating spam enough to cop the bill for a publically available anti-spam service! :-)

  2. Liam,

    The guy that started WordPress, Matt Mullenweg and his company Automattic, buy servers in bunches of 25+ now. They’ve got three clusters of servers spread of the United States to distribute the load of WordPress.org, WordPress.com, Akismet.com and Pingomatic.com.

    You’re absolutely correct through, their bandwidth bill must be significant and I’m very grateful that they provide such an excellent set of tools.

    I’m going to buy a license for Akismet sometime in the near future, just to show support for their service.


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