Akismet, Friends Forever

Akismet Spam Filter, Caught & Nailed 80,010 Spam Messages In Five MonthsIn the last five months, I have posted twice about the wonders of the free spam filtering service Akismet.

Since the last installment, another ten weeks have pasted. In the last ten weeks, approximately 30,000 new spam messages have been received and all of them have been blocked in one way or another. Since installing Akismet back towards the middle of last year, it has now dropped a whopping 80,000 spam messages at the door and it feels great!

You know what I’d like, I’d like it if the spammers were a little more intelligent. Clearly I’m running something on my site that is blocking their spam from ever reaching the public. If I were a spammer, I’d be keeping a close eye on what web sites my spam bots submit to and what sites it is getting through on. Essentially, if they are just brute forcing thousands of web sites – they are not being efficient spammers. At the moment, they could be spending the majority of their time spamming sites that the spam will never reach; instead of focusing their energies on the sites that spam is actually being registered on.

This can’t be a new idea but it sure seems as though the spam is relentless, even though it never makes it onto my live site.

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  1. Scott,

    I don’t know what other weblogs do, so I can’t really comment on if it is or isn’t popular.

    As a simple guide though, I do:

    • between 60000 and 90000 page views per month
    • between 15000 and 25000 unique visitors per month

    How does that stack up against your personal and technology/development site?


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