Akismet Spam Filtering, The Bringer Of Light

Akismet Spam Filter, Caught & Nailed 21,324 Spam MessagesWhether you read email or have your own web site, everyone hates spam. Toward the middle of the year, I was being overwhelmed by comment spam on my site. Initially it was just one or two, then five or ten – soon they were comng in thick and fast and I couldn’t keep up with them manually. When that happened, it was time to find an automated solution; enter Akismet.

For those that aren’t aware, Akismet is a centralised hosted spam filtering service which has been developed by the same people that brought you WordPress. The whole system is very simple:

  • You signup for an account at http://wordpress.com
  • Install or integrate an Akismet plugin or wrapper into your preferred utility, blogging or other
  • Revel in the glory of spam freedom

Akismet spam filtering utilises an undocumented system (probably Bayesian based), along with a whole bunch of secret squirrel stuff to knock spam on the head. When you combine a solid foundation, plenty of innovation and an enormous online community to power it; you end up with a very sound spam filtering platform.

Since implementing Akismet spam filtering at the start of August 2006, it has filtered and saved me dealing with a whopping 21,324 dirty dirty spam messages. It hasn’t returned a false positive for me in so long now that I lay pretty much 100% confidence in it; only giving the spam a cursory scan to make sure there isn’t anything legitimate in it.

Die filthy spammers, die.

2 thoughts on “Akismet Spam Filtering, The Bringer Of Light

  1. Andrew,

    You could potentially apply it to anything. There are development API’s in most common languages now, so if your favourite email client supports plugins; then it seems reasonable you could use Akismet to filter the spam.


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