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A weeks worth of paper spam delivered weighs in at 1.3 kilogramsAnyone that runs their eyes over this site knows just how much I hate filthy filthy spammers.

This evening I collected our snail mail from the letter box and was confronted with an enormous amount of plain old fashioned junk mail. What I couldn’t believe was that it was so full, I actually struggled to get it out of the letter box; having to brute force the bulk of it out because it was stuffed in so tight.

I’m all for a company advertising their products and making a dollar or four but at some point these big businesses just have to stop and think about what they are doing. In a single week, I received a whopping 1.3 kilograms of spam mail in my letter box. It doesn’t matter what way you cut that, its a huge amount of paper that is just going to waste.

Being a little curious, I ran my eye over the other roughly 100 letter boxes to see how many of them were the same. You’ve probably already guessed, the majority of the mail boxes were exactly the same – choc-o-block full of spammy junk mail. What was even more amazing was that nearly all of the letter boxes have an ‘Australia Post Mail Only’ or ‘No Junk Mail’ label on the lids of their mail boxes.

You’d think that if the senate can pass electronic anti-spam laws, that they’d have dealt with the low tech equivalent version first. Nope, instead people are happily flogging our forests for everything they are worth to help send out huge volumes of spam. If the companies were a little smarter about it, you’d think they’d selectively send spam instead of applying blanket tactics. I hate email spam just as much as paper spam but these companies could save some serious dollars if they invested into email marketing instead of the antiquated paper equivalent.

Save a tree, try killing an electron instead – you’ll find they’re a lot tougher.

2 thoughts on “Snail Mail Spam

  1. If the world-at-large wants to start throwing Internet spammers in jail, they better start throwing the snail mail spammers in the same jail cell.

    And while they’re at it….throw the telephone spammers in the same pit as well.

    The real joke is that the BIG companies saw the power of email marketing, harvested the NET right out of the gate for their massive so-called opt-in email lists, and then lobbied Washington to pass laws to stop all other companies from using the same trick.

    It’s even funnier that these few companies managed to spread the fantasy to Internet users at large, and we see all the bloggers and (the public at large) going for the blind ride as the sheep they are.

    Meanwhile, my phone rings with unsollicited calls, my front door has a bag of spam at the bottom of it every morning….

    Meanwhile….legitimate OPT-IN lists are getting called spam lists just because a few people forgot they subscribed, or someone else subcribed them.


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