Uplate Game Show Returns Worse Than Ever

In September last year, I posted about The Uplate Game Show and noted that it was possibly one of the worst shows that has ever hit the TV.

I had secretly hoped that with Big Brother 2006 ending, that The Uplate Game Show would have died a swift and quiet death; unfortunately I was wrong. As of last night, Simon Deering aka Hotdogs, has returned for another season hammering. The last ‘season’ of The Uplate Game Show was painful and forced, where Hotdogs babbled on and on. In an attempt to ease that pain somewhat, it appears that Channel 10 have slotted in a co-host. If you’re up to the challenge, try and imagine a female version of Hotdogs that has even more of the superficial fake enthusiasm; I know, it hurt.

I was shocked last time around but I cannot believe that Channel 10 are that desperate for a showing that they’d put it back on. Then again, with the advent of everyone’s favourite ‘please little teenager, SMS and make us millionaires’ tactic, it isn’t really that surprising.

22 thoughts on “Uplate Game Show Returns Worse Than Ever

  1. you really are a sucker for punishment aren’t you?? Did you honestly think that it would be any better the second time around?

  2. After such an appalling showing last season, I honestly thought that they would have learnt a little and made some improvements. That isn’t the case and it sucked as hard or harder than the last season.

    Better luck next year?

  3. You think that’s bad (it is, I’m not disagreeing, but go with me on this). Channel 7 have a knock off of ‘The Up-late Game Show’ called ‘Midnight Zoo’ which usually airs at 12.30 week nights. I made the very unfortunate mistake of actually turning the telly on at that hour last night, a mistake I paid for with a few IQ points I’m sure.

  4. theres another game show that airs on saturday nights on channel 9.. quizmania, i think its called.. similar to the uplate game show, but believe me when i say, wayyy more boring indeed!
    at least hotdogs has some spark within him when he hosts, the guys on channel 9 are seriously dull.

  5. Not only is there the uplate game show on channel 10, but on 9 there is Quizmania, and on 7 there is midnight zoo….

    i just got up and turned on the tv… and all three were on at the same time….

    boredom is an understatement….

  6. I really have to buy a DVD player so I have something else to watch at midnight.

    That – or I’ll be forced to watch SBS. -shudder-

  7. hey, there’s nothing wrong with SBS late at night. I’ve recently caught several old Jackie Chan movies on SBS late at night when I couldn’t sleep.

  8. A large portion of commercial bodies who ask for your phone number when you register for a competition (be it online, phone in, etc) have a clause where your contact information can be passed on to third parties, which is especially valuable with the “Don’t call” lists coming in for random spamming, but also with the “We SMS you, your account gets charged” companies. People don’t realise that their contact information is financially important for companies to have.

  9. wt mentioned Midnight Zoo up there. That show is so pathetic… I enjoy watching The Up Late Game Show, only because it gives me something to do, and Hotdogs amuses me. It sucks when there’s another host with him though, because he’s not as funny… Quizmania isn’t too bad either… I’ve become an addict to both the shows, which is pretty sad, i must admit, but it’s so… hypnotic…

  10. i made the pathetic mistake of watching quizmaniacs oh i meant mania and it is the worst and the most pathetic show ive ever seen and that bimbo and himbo are the worst and mismatched hosts ive ever seen when i changed the channel i discovered to my horror there was 2 other shows like quizmaniacs i think im scarred for life

  11. i really think that you should give midnight zoo credit. these guys are the ones who are setting the format and the other shows are copying…these guys have brains as they are killing the other ones off

  12. Krissy,

    Paving the way in setting up a whole new timezone for crap TV isn’t something that I’d want to aspire to.


  13. Just thought I’d let you know that one of the channels has come to it’s senses….Midnight Zoo has been axed…it’s last episode is playing on 21st of October.It’s being replaced with brand new episodes of The Jury and repeats of series 1 and 2 of Lost. Hope that gives some relief of some of those fellow insomniacs out there.

  14. there is a game show on all of the channels and this is how i will rate them first quizmania then the uplate game show then midnight zoo
    quizmania:it is fun the screen when i watch it has bright colurs and the people who host them are great they make the show exciting
    the uplate game show:hotdogs host it and i think he is really good at it but the colour on the screen could be brighter but the games are really cool.
    midnight zoo:im not a big fan of the show its really boring and they just brag about the game to much its pathetic and really boring

  15. I’d have to agree with krissy, Quizmania and Hotdogs are really painful to watch. At least the Midnight Zoo people were fun and had brains!

  16. fool me once.. shame on you

    fool me twice… if fooled u cant get fooled again.

    i can tbeliee no one has mentioned hwo gorgeous one of the hosts is. I think she is greek,a brunette, blue eyes. whats her name

  17. Jazz,

    I don’t see how that comment really makes sense, it was hard to watch but at the same time it was awesome; hmm.

    If that sort of TV programming is what we should expect from one of our nations major broadcasters, then we are in for trouble in the future.

    Thankfully, its been taken off air so we can all sleep soundly now.


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