The Uplate Game Show With Hotdogs

Not long after Hotdogs was evicted from the Big Brother house, he signed a deal with Network Ten for his own show. The show, “The Uplate Game Show” would take the place of “Big Brother Uplate” that was hosted by Mike Goldman.

While Big Brother was running, Uplate with Mike Goldman worked. He would talk about the day that just passed, show snippets of what happened during the day and live feeds from the house. While that was going on, there were also little brain teaser type games being played – an anagram game for instance.

This however, is in stark contrast to The Uplate Game Show. One of the primary reasons it worked with Mike Goldman, was the audience were watching to find out about the craze that is Big Brother. Unfortunately for Hotdogs, he doesn’t have any of that – which leaves him with pointless games and his lack luster hosting ability.

The last couple of times I’ve seen it before going to bed, he is calling people that have registered on his list. Problem is, the show is that boring that once they register they don’t watch it again. Last night again, he called three people who were in bed, the call went something like this (my emphasis and paraphrasing):

Hotdogs: HI!!!!, this is Hotdogs from the Uplate Game show!!!11one
Them: umm, heelllloo.. who is it again..?
Hotdogs: Its Hotdogs!!!!11one, did you register on the Uplate Game Show list????
Them: umm, sorry.. you’ll have to speak a little slower
Hotdogs: The Uplate Game Show, did you register???
Them: umm, no I didn’t.. maybe it was my daughter but she has been in bed for 3 hours already
Hotdogs: well I guess I don’t get to give away a prize tonight then
Them: nope, sorry.

If that isn’t bad enough, imagine the worst TV host you can. Now imagine them on TV for an hour and a half a night, with absolutely no content to discuss at all. It isn’t an entertainment show, he doesn’t discuss any current events at all – its just him, his Uplate list (that no one is awake for), the crap games and him babbling for the whole thing repeating himself over and over.

I can’t believe that the show is on TV, it is appalling.

308 thoughts on “The Uplate Game Show With Hotdogs

  1. Why are you up that late any way? Its obvious its a crap show, why dont you just not watch it?

  2. Bran-well,

    I’m up that late because I’m the kind of person that doesn’t go to bed for the sake of going to bed; I go to bed when I’m sleepy. For whatever reason, I also don’t need a lot of sleep, so I’m often awake until 1am or later in the evening.


  3. Hi i dont like hotdogs uplate very much. But the one on chanel nine makes hotdogs look great.


  4. i think hotdogs is the best host ever wen i cant get to sleep he is very entertaining and im only 13 not every one is perfect if every 1 was life would be boring so its good to see hotdogs hosting a show and he doesnt care of wat every 1 thinks of him because hot dogs roxs

  5. hey i’m 14 and i think he’s kool 2… and 2 the people who bullshit him, i say ure just jealous.

  6. ppl prtendin 2 be hotdogs
    STOP its stupid and dumb
    r u guys just prtendin 2 be him coz use wanna be himm

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